Patient charged $40 for crying at doctor’s office


Camille Johnson25 year old youtuber on her social network like her younger sister was accused $40 for “short-term emotional behavior.”

In her post Johnson highlighted the image showing the charge. Indeed, they accused her $40 for tears.

“My little sister has been struggling with the disease lately and finally went to the doctor. $40 for tears.” she tweeted.

In accordance with Camilleher sister has Health status, which she described as a “rare disease”. Her sister tried her best find a doctor and after check, Johnson noticed something odd about the medical bill.

“One tear and they charged her $40 without explaining why she was crying, trying to help, doing any assessments, any prescriptions, nothing,” she wrote.

Camille Johnson became furious after noticing that short-term emotional behavior was more than a vision test, a hemoglobin test, a health risk assessment, and capillary blood sampling.

social media reaction

After the tweet: “They charged her more for crying than for a vision test. They charged her more for crying than for a hemoglobin test. They charged her more for crying than for a health risk assessment. than for taking capillary blood, ”social networks supported Camille’s anger.

One Twitter user said she paid more than $1,900 for a pregnancy test in the hospital as part of the surgical process.

in United States probably, the most expensive cost of health in the world. And they take money even for the fact that you cry at the doctor’s office.


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