Pastel pink or pistachio green: Stradivarius is launched with the season’s most colorful moccasins


Stradivarius will be launched this spring with loafers seasonal colors, available in pastel pink or pistachio green. The low cost of Inditex Stradivarius has presented a collection of the most colorful. A direct commitment to color and the good feelings it evokes, but not only in clothes, but also in accessories that will bring life to our everyday lives. The new loafers from Stradivarius they are this season’s most colorful trend and they are sold for an incredible price.

Stradivarius launches the season’s most colorful moccasins

The moccasins are the shoes of the mid-season and from winter if we wear them with a good sock or socks on less cold days. Stradivarius, aware that their customers want to wear them this spring in a different way, has created a new collection with a classic base and an innovative color.

Moccasins are work shoes that have been reinterpreted. We will use it daily with more or less formal garments. ceased to be a type of shoe which only men wore to become the star of a series of feminine looks that is a statement of intent. We want to continue working or enjoying leisure time with a type of shoe that symbolizes the liberation of women on the road to gender equality.

Until now, these types of shoes were brown or black, at best white, but Stradivarius has dared to go a little further. This season’s colors for this discount brand are intense and vibrant. He wants spring to be as it should be again, a period of activity without any restrictions.

They have a track sole that allows us to travel around the world again or the city in perfect condition. Nothing will stop us nowadays when we need to move at high speed. An accessory that will make us gain extra inches is to give up the style and comfort we want.

Stradivarius sells these moccasins in up to 5 colors. Among these tones, pink and green stand out, although they are also available in the classic black and white, in beige and in ecru, they are also a good alternative. Dare to wear the moccasins that everyone is talking about, you can have them in Stradivarius stores or in their online store for only 29.99 euros.

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