Parliament rejects amendment to all NA+ tax measures


Votes against by PSN, Geroa Bai, EH Bildu, Podemos and IE neutralized Navarra Suma’s proposal to return with an amendment to the entire provincial bill to modify various taxes and other fiscal measures of the Government of Navarre until in 2023.

The amendment to full with alternative text had been raised by NA+ as it understood that the government’s proposed tax measures “do not meet the needs of middle and low incomes, or businesses”, for whom gradual deflation was required in the personal income tax rate, in order to mitigate the impact of inflation on their economic capacity.

The majority group extended to businesses and the self-employed the need to lighten the tax burden at a time of particular difficulty when it is necessary to “protect the productive and commercial fabric on which economic growth and job creation are based, fundamental pillars of state welfare.

Faced with a “significant slowdown in GDP growth and even foreseeable recession scenarios in European countries such as Germany”, the amendment called for “in-depth fiscal reform aimed at recovering the competitiveness lost over the past seven years, result of the increase in taxes”.

The spokesman for the Navarra Suma parliamentary group, Javier Esparza, at the start of the plenary session of Parliament, which rejected his amendment to all the tax measures proposed by the government. EFE/ Jesus Diges

Among the measures advocated by Navarra Suma was the extension of the extraordinary deduction (IRPF of 2022) to incomes of up to 45,000 euros, 10,000 euros above what was proposed by the five groups which support the executive in the bill that will be debated today in this plenary session.

The Navarra Suma initiative, at an estimated cost of 140-150 million for 360,000 potential beneficiaries, is associated with a gradual deflation of the personal income tax rate up to an income of 50,000 euros, as well as a deflation of the personal and family minimums of 3%.

Minister Saiz defends a “necessary” project

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Elma Saiz, defended the government’s project as “necessary and, above all, framed in the reality in which we live”, in addition to a “long dialogue between those who wanted to participate to its preparation,” she said of the agreements that support it signed by the government and all groups except NA+.

Among the “three principles that inspire it”, he highlighted that of “guaranteeing a fair and coherent Navarre that is committed to quality public services as the basis of well-being and supports innovation and the spirit of company”, with measures, mainly tax deductions, taxes and exemptions, which he bombarded.

“Faced with this, all his amendment -he declared to Navarra Suma- which is the same as the last three years because it starts from the same foundation of his approach: Not wanting to read or analyze this project objectively” in this he said It is “a systematic bet for the no to everything that this government brings.”

Debate in the regional parliament on the amendment of the entire AN+ to the tax measures proposed for 2023
The President of the Government of Navarre, María Chivite listens to the speech of the parliamentarian of Navarre Suma María Jesús Valdemoros at the start of the plenary session of the Parliament, which is holding a plenary session this Thursday to discuss, among other things, the proposal Law to modify various taxes and other fiscal measures. EFE/ Jesus Diges

For Navarra Suma, María Jesús Valdemoros defended the amendment to a “weak government” project that for four years has been “subject to the first partner” that is EH Bildu, as shown in his opinion by this proposal for tax measures that ” does not meet the wishes” of the PSN.

The NA+ spokesperson was very critical of the “obsession with collecting” on which the bill is based, when “it is not the debate because collecting is not an end but a means” to, for example, improve the services that “today they have totally lost quality” in Navarre, and this is the “spirit” of the amendment to “inspire a fiscal policy that generates prosperity” with measures for individuals and families, for entrepreneurship and business creation.

All groups, against the NA+ proposal

In the rounds against, Ainhoa ​​Unzu (PSN) considered the amendment at all a “real joke” because “there is no basis or argument” other than “a showmanship” of Navarra Suma in his dynamic of “twitch in the absence of his own political project”, he said to defend the government’s project as “good for Navarre” because it proposes “a very powerful plan of measures” to support the class worker but also to promote entrepreneurship.

Per Geroa Bai, Mikel Asiain pointed to the downfall of UK Prime Minister Liz Truss as an example of the markets’ “mistrust” of his tax plan of massive tax cuts, he warned NA+ on seeing similarities in his proposal, which also contain “nothing new”, so that 47 of the 81 amendments distributed between the various taxes “are copies of those presented the previous year”, 20 of them included in income tax individuals and 14 in companies.

EH Bildu spokesman Adolfo Araiz agreed that he was experiencing “Groundhog Day” with Navarra Suma’s stance against proposed budgets and tax measures, as well as his alternative proposals – which would mean 400 million less revenue, he calculated -, “everything that has already been heard and discussed” and which he says comes in the form of an amendment to the entirety with alt text to have “more of political visibility” and escape the “uselessness” in which they have found themselves for two years of ungoverned legislatures.

Mikel Buil (Podemos) said “the accounts are not settling” with NA+’s proposal for a “general tax cut” at the cost of stopping the collection of hundreds of millions of euros, which ” is not responsible in these times”, He said he defended the government’s tax proposal because, although it is “warm and weak”, especially with regard to corporate tax, “it includes gestures that point to what we understand to be a left-wing tax proposal.”

Marisa De Simón (IE) also positioned herself “at the antipodes” of NA+ on taxation, defended “fairness so that anyone else has more contribution” and considered the approach of the amendments “outrageous”. aimed at reducing fundraising, where funds come from those worse off “while others fill their pockets by leaps and bounds”.


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