Parla removes Lope’s name from a building and gives it to Almudena Grandes


The Socialist Party rewards the writer again Almudena Grandes, left icon social communist: the mayor of talk, of the socialist party, Jury Ramonremoved the name of the historic building from the Former Lope de Vega schools, raised in 1928, to give it to the deceased writer on the occasion of his rehabilitation. A decision approved in the municipal plenary. “No building has given so much to the city as this one”, emphasized Ramón Jurado during the inauguration in the presence of the writer’s sister, Monica Bigand her husband, the Director of the Cervantes Institute, Luis Garcia Montero.

A new award at Almudena Grandes in Parla that adds to the already delivered by the Socialist Party to the controversial writer after his death, which the same party tries to support at every opportunity. One of the most widely read pens in Spain. After the request of carmenists to make her a favorite girl in Madrid, the mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, He said that “the Almudena Grandes do not deserve to be”, but he puffed out his chest, remembering that it had earned him “the elimination of municipal budgets”. “I thought: a good budget for Madrid of 5,600 million and Almudena Grandes. I already have the Budgets,” he added. In this way, Martínez-Almeida explained at the time in an interview with Reply today of OKDIARIO, the decision to name the writer favorite girl in townas requested by the group recover madrid counselors carmenists in exchange for the approval of the municipal accounts for 2022.

Image of the old Lope de Vega schools in Parla. (Wikipedia)

Among his most controversial statements, Almudena Grandes wrote that “every morning I shot two or three voices that drove me crazy. We are in a country where the Spanish right is more reminiscent of the Second Republic than Francoism, where the right to govern by divine grace is once again claimed. More controversial were his comments about the nun Mother Wonders“Can you imagine the joy I would feel when I fell [la Madre Maravillas] in the hands of a patrol of young, armed and -mmm!- sweaty militiamen?”, he wondered, referring to a possible rape of said nun.

his first novel, Lulu’s ages, published in 1989, brought him national fame after winning the award The right smile. Since then, it has always had the applause of readers and critics. After Lulu’s ages, wrote seven other novels: i will call you on friday, Malena is a tango name, atlas of human geography, strong winds, cardboard castles, frozen heart Yes The kisses in the bread. Additionally, he published volumes of stories female models Yes bus stations.

The Socialist Party project in Parla, financed with part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is included in the urban regeneration plan around the Plaza de la Guardia Civil. listed as Property of heritage interest in the Geographical catalog of the Real Estate of the Historical Heritage of the Community of Madrid, it hosted Parla’s first school. Its first rehabilitation dates back to 1960, to later house a public school, the first municipal library or the municipal theater school and, currently, with its new name, Almudena Grandes, it will be a multicultural center.


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