Park Ji Eun is leaving Purple Kiss.


South Korean singer Park Ji Eun has left Purple Kiss. She had to make this decision considering her poor health. As a seven-member group, Purple Kiss will now have only six members, Na Go-eun, Dosie, Ireh, Yuki, Chaein and Swan.

On November 18, RBW, Purple Kiss Company released an official statement regarding Park Ji Eun’s departure. The message was posted on the group’s official fan cafe.

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This is why Park Ji Eun left Purple Kiss.

Announcement: “Hello. This is RBW.

First of all, we apologize for sharing such unexpected news with PURPLE KISS fans who have always cherished the group.

Park Ji Eun, who had been a member of PURPLE KISS up to this point, left the group. Park Ji Eun went to the hospital where a medical professional told her she needed enough rest and stability due to her ongoing poor health and anxiety symptoms while participating in group activities.

We spent a considerable amount of time talking to Park Ji Eun during a break where we discussed the group’s activities, future plans, and other issues. After careful discussion, it was decided that Park Ji Eun should end her relationship with MOR KISS for her health to recover.

In conclusion, we want you to know that Park Ji Eun will complete her activities with PURPLE KISS today and PURPLE KISS will move forward in group activities as a six-member unit.

We apologize for the trouble we caused the fans and will do everything we can to support Ji Eun both in her recovery and in her future activities. We ask for your continued support of Ji Eun, who will continue on a new path, as well as your warm support for the other six members who will continue to grow.

Thank you.”

Before making their official debut with the EP “Into Violet” on March 15, 2021, Purple Kiss pre-released two digital singles: “My Heart Skip a Beat” in November 2020 and “Can We Talk Again” in November 2020. . February 2021.


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