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This is what Emmanuel Macron said “The Great Sahel Archive”At the end of the afternoon on Friday 26 August, the French head of state was almost happily late to deliver a traditional presidential address to members of the French community who had gathered at the French embassy residence in Algiers. reason: “Discussing in Unprecedented Circumstances Since 1962”, who held talks earlier in the day with Algeria’s top authorities, President Abdelmajid Tebune and the head of the army. The long-awaited first in Paris.

“We find ourselves with our Secretary of the Army, Chief of Army Staff and Chief of Staff [du renseignement] Want to make progress on the existential, strategic and security issues that have so far been blind spots in our relationship. » Learn about the situation in the region – especially the Sahel – and most importantly, what the French head of state said“Russian Imperialism” in this area.

“Algeria plays a very pivotal role both geographically and politically in the Sahel”, He has recalled leaving the European cemetery in St. Eugene, which he conducted in the morning while defending French records in Mali, from which French troops completed their withdrawal this summer. “Our desire is to strengthen our partnership with Algeria, to be able to cooperate politically and diplomatically.he continued, Also send the right message to prevent mercenaries from running rampant in the region, especially the Wagner group. »

“Show Pedagogy”

The group, a fake nose for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military interventionism, has been accused in Paris of serving it. “economic benefit” Clean “Protection of the military government” Take power in Bamako. Algiers, which has close ties to the Malian authorities and historical ties to Russia, has ensured that it wants to support a political solution and claims to remain neutral at least on the front, faithful to its principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of the country. Third.

“The neutrality of Algeria at the moment is a consolation. But we have to explain to them pedagogically that this is not just a European problem, it is about the whole regiona French diplomatic source said. What are the motives of the Russians? President Emmanuel Macron is very clear with African countries on the issue of Russian imperialism. I think the Algerians have realized this. They should be congratulated and encouraged to take a less cautious approach. »

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