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Due to the damage done to hares, especially on the lawns of the Invalides (03/13/2022), the Paris police chief has rescinded an order to classify hares as a harmful species. welcomes the decision.

The bunnies will be able to continue playing quietly on the lawns of the Invalides (Paris)! The Paris police headquarters has repealed a decree allowing the capture and killing of hares living in the capital.

Orders for endangered species in France

Passed on June 25, 2021, the decree aims to “ Preventing all forms of property damage from hare breeding” , No “Long-term effective alternative measures to prevent such damage ”. Police Commissioner Didier Lallement specifically reported on the deterioration of watering and lawn facilities in the 5,000 square meters of the Invalides, which he estimated at 15,000 euros.” All figures presented by the police headquarters are unreasonable, Especially the cost of loss, quantified without any evidence “, Challenge Amandine Sanvisens, President of the Paris Zoological Garden (PAZ).

The decree was originally scheduled to take effect from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. Fortunately, the Paris Administrative Court swiftly suspended its application on July 21 following an urgent appeal by the PAZ Association, giving the animals a little respite. Therefore, shortly before the merits hearing, the police headquarters finally decided to repeal the decree. The good news for this species is that it is threatened with extinction in the French metropolis and a very strong decline in the Paris region.

Live in harmony with urban animals

We fight for peaceful coexistence with animals living in cities, we want to emphasize non-lethal methods“, added the PAZ chairman, who asked “It is cruel and ineffective to stop killing once animals disturb us “.

For its part, the city of Paris estimates the number of hares on its territory to be around 250,” Has been mobilizing since 2019 to remove hares from the list of pest species “And this purpose is” Towards a more harmonious coexistence with animals ”. Because the capital is home to a growing number of wild animals such as foxes, swans or rabbits. In short, efforts to protect the biodiversity of the “city” seem to be bearing fruit!

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