Palito Dominguín and Nacho Palau: the image that confirms their great bond


one more time Palito Domingin with Nacho Palau They recorded the good harmony they had.Sister of the deceased Bimba Boss He shared a photo of him with his uncle’s ex-partner through his Instagram account. They posed for the camera together, exuding complicity and a lot of love. Although the Amante Bandido translator and the merchant parted ways, the truth is that the artist’s family still has close ties with Palau.

Palito Dominguín and Nacho Palau. /Instagram @palitodominguin

The last edition, Stick Is one of the star players in this competition Reality From survivorAfter 75 days of competition, Lucía Bosé’s daughter returned to Spain, where she was welcomed by her closest environment and her partner Harry. However, this is not all, because Nacho Palau also showed support for this young woman in this adventure that changed her life forever. In the space exhibited by Jorge Javier Vázquez, Nacho showed all his support for Palito, who has known Palito since he was a child (Palito).

Palito Domingin at an event.  /Gtres
Palito Domingin at an event. /Gtres

«Molta forza Palito! !To survivors 2021!One of my favorite pictures with you, you will do well, I love you», he wrote Nacho Palau Next to it is an undisclosed photo, in which he appeared in his backpack with it on his back. Palito talked about him during her stay in Honduras and said that she “knows Nacho since childhood. It’s like my uncle. I grew up with them-he refers to Miguel Bosse-«.

Both of them showed their affection several times in public. Domingkin also published a photo of him with his mother Lucia and Nacho Palau through the story.

Nacho Palau in Madrid.  /Gtres
Nacho Palau in Madrid. /Gtres

Some of the most everyday images show the continued good relationship between Nacho and his in-laws. In addition, they all live in the Valencian community, so they are more connected because they are close to each other. After resting between Nacho Palau and Miguel Bosé, the sculptor returned to his origin and currently lives in Chelva with his mother and two children.

On the other hand, Lucía Dominguín, like her sister Paola, lives in Vilamarxant, Valencian Community, where they enjoy the peaceful countryside and nature. There is less than 50 kilometers between them, so in just 40 minutes, they can meet and enjoy together.

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