Palencia’s mother sentenced to two years in prison for child abduction enters Valladolid prison – EFE News


Villanubla (Valladolid) (EFE) to listen and protect his son, who says he does not want to accompany his father.

At half past five in the afternoon this Sunday, the woman entered the prison located in Villanubla (Valladolid), in the rain and with the support of family and friends who had come from Palencia and where they coincided with the ex-husband and his relatives.

Laura, the mother sentenced by the Criminal Court Number 1 of Palencia to two years in prison for the crime of child abduction, says goodbye to her current husband (i), in the presence of family and friends, before to enter Valladolid prison this afternoon. EFE/Nacho Gallego

“I’m sick but I’ve already done the hardest work: it was saying goodbye to my two children who are at home,” she told reporters, accompanied by her current husband, with whom she has another five-year-old son. .

Between sobs, he admitted that the worst part of going to prison, with a final sentence, is the “uncertainty” of not knowing what will happen now with his son, who continues to refuse to go with his father “because he fears him”. ‘ and insisted that his only crime was wanting to protect him even though ‘someone considers that I have to pay for it’.

The ex-husband and father of the child who carefully observed how he entered prison also went to prison.

“That says a lot about him,” she commented in response to reporters’ questions. “It’s a father who watches how they put the mother of his son whom he loves in prison. It’s clear that he’s here because he wants to see how I’ll do in prison. He’s not home trying to get his son back,” he said.

Finally, he assured that “he would never have imagined himself in this situation”, he admitted that he “had done wrong” but that he only wanted to protect his son and thanked the testimonies of support and the requests graces received in recent days.

The paternal grandmother asked for temporary custody to prevent her grandson from having to go live with his father until the pardon was resolved. ECE


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