Painful Warrington victory: Boxer rushed to hospital with broken jaw


Kiko Martinez lost his boxing world title on Saturday night after a bad job by the referees that did not punish several wrong moves with Josh Warringtonthe new champion who won by a seventh round stoppage.

The Spaniard ended the fight with a refusal, as he knew that this could be his last fight, and would not like to bow like that.

These were very unpleasant last minutes in the ring, and Martinez ended up getting twelve stitches from several headbutts, the first of them in the first round, which left him badly injured.

However, Kiko left his mark as an Englishman. Josh Warrington had to go to the hospital at the end of the fight with a broken jaw.

match room

Fans wondered what would have happened if the referee had been in control. Warringtonbehavior in the ring.

If Kiko Martinez If he had fought at his own pace, if his eyesight hadn’t been impaired by the blood in his eyes, the fight might have gone differently.

If wounded Martinez might break the jaw of a newly crowned champion, you have to wonder what he could do if it was a fair fight.

However, this is a battle for another day, which we, unfortunately, will not see. Congratulations to the new champion, even if it wasn’t a clean fight.


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