Paige Spiranac hated Logan Paul for several good reasons.


Paige Spiranac has become a sensation for many reasons, chief among which is her status as a social media influencer. Her appearance helps a lot, especially after Maxim called her the most beautiful woman in the world. But Paige has a lot opinions on various topics that really interest people.

She is sports a person who sometimes also has hot take about any given topic. This time she wanted to offer her two cents on Logan Paul boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, which took place back in June 2021. Paige speaks on a variety of sports-related topics. apple podcast, it was a theme in one of her 2020 episodes.

Paige Spiranac also hates Logan Paul.

Before the fight happened Page said, “This is a money grab, so much money will be thrown into this fight. It’s crazy that people really want to see this happen. Crazy to see someone with YouTube following or social subscriptions can make this possible. It just goes to show how strong this young demographic is that everyone is aiming for right now, and the fact that people are talking about it is just mind blowing to me.”

But things got more interesting when Paige remembered Logan Paul most embarrassing video on Youtube: “I said, ‘If you have a lot of fans among a younger audience, you have to be careful about the content you post there.’ And I think that YouTube or its sponsors should have punished him more, otherwise there should have been some consequences greater than what he received. Logan Paul and that’s why I’ve hated him ever since.”

The semi-professional golfer is obviously referring to the infamous “Suicide Forest’ video Logan Paul was filmed in Japan. When he visited this country, he thought that visiting this forest was a good idea, not realizing that he could actually find a dead body. certainly Logan Paul found a man who hanged himself recently, he got a lot of heat for it. But since Paul has changed his behavior and approach, this experience has really changed him as a person.

He’s not the jerk people thought he was anymore, maybe Paige is being a little hard on the man. Logan Paul never replied to this from Paige, but he probably won’t because he’s very busy either creating his WWE career or own media empire. Either way, Paige should leave this alone. Hate is a strong word that can be used for anyone.


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