Paddy Pimblett blasts Zuckerberg and Facebook: “He’s a lizard!”


AS WELL ASEnglish fighter Paddy Pimblett ready to fight with his second UFC fight, but before that he took the time to mercilessly shoot at Mark Zuckerberg, facebook as well as Instagramand all because his account in the last social network was deleted twice.

Mark Zuckerberg is the biggest bully on the planet

Paddy Pimblett on Mark Zuckerberg

Pimblet’s rage against Zuckerberg

The former Cage Warriors champion has become a social media sensation, especially since his UFC debut, plus he’s an active character with his following, so the Liverpool native didn’t notice the measure very well on Instagram.

“The hypocritical nature of Instagram and Facebook is just disgusting and they get away with it,” Pimblett said at a UFC Fight Night press conference.

“This is killing me. Mark Zuckerberg is a lizard. I have to be a lot smarter on my social media because, as you know, I had two accounts right now and the second account had 120,000 followers. I have lost so much money and sponsors in the last two weeks, three weeks.

“My shoulder hurts, I think I can’t text them today, will they still be here? If not, then it’s Instagram’s fault, because I’ll still talk to them every day, but I can’t, and then obviously they ruin my livelihood. I’m losing thousands and thousands of pounds. Even though it’s just one of those things. They can do whatever they want. Mark Zuckerberg is the biggest bully on the planet” said Pimblet.

Pimblett ready to face Casula Vargas

Pimblett, after making his UFC debut in 2021 with a knockout win, will face Mexican fighter Casula Vargas in his second fight with UFC fight night main card at the O2 Arena in London this Saturday, March 19th.


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