Paco Martínez backpack bag with recycled nylon


We need basic but above all comfortable accessories. That is the case bag backpack Paco Martinez with recycled nylon.

Something to take into account to reduce the environmental impact. In this way, we will wear something nice but that protects our health and atmosphere.

How is the Paco Martínez backpack bag?

in two colors, black and brown, we’re talking about a complement that you have to have yes or yes to go everywhere. It also presents various details such as a front pocket with magnetic closure. While it has a main compartment with a zipper.

In addition, the interior is spacious with a flat pocket with zipper and two open flat pockets to store small items. According to the same website where you can buy it, there is Adjustable and detachable nylon handles at the back. This way, you can carry the bag in different positions according to your needs.

So you can change the position of the handles and carry bag What crossbody, shoulder or crossbody bag. It has many possibilities!

It also has a flat back pocket with a zipper. As if that were not enough, this accessory is completely complete as it comes with a hanger keychain with the option to pull it out.

Paco Martínez backpack bag with recycled nylon

It’s tThe e-bag is quite versatileWell, as we have seen, we carry it in the form of a shoulder bag, but also as a handbag, or if you prefer that it hangs in the form of a backpack if it is more comfortable for you. That is why it is chosen for everyday life, but also for an excursion, to be able to go on the weekend or when you go to an event and you want everything inside so you can grab the handles.

To be more original, you can buy the camel brown, but with the black it is perfect because you take it everywhere.

In any case, this is the bag you should have right now because of the many opportunities it offers you.

where we buy it

It is available on the Paco Martínez website, and It has a price of 26.99 euros. It is the one you should have right now and it will keep you going for different seasons. If you want to take a look around this website, you will see that there are other bags, travel products, wallets, accessories in the form of hats, belts, cords for hanging mobile phones or keys, a men’s department and much more. all that will complement the variety of garments to wear daily. Go get him!

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