Pablo, the mediator of the Urdangarin family: a complicated role in the footsteps of the Infanta Elena


There is no doubt that the figure of Pablo Urdangarin has been key for his family in 2022. With just 22 years of age, the young man has achieved win the affection of the media and viewers thanks to his sympathy and naturalness, dealing with the issue of his parents’ breakup and Iñaki’s subsequent courtship with Ainhoa ​​Armentia with total normality. So much so, that despite his young age, the son of the Infanta Cristina has known how to support his parents equally, lending them a hand without actually positioning himself between one side or the other in a family war that has given much to talk about since last January.

Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin at their wedding / Gtres

On various occasions and despite living in La Masía, Barcelona, ​​he has been able to see how andThe handball player takes advantage of his free time with both his father and his mother, providing both parties with a support that has been essential so that they can continue with their respective paths, although separately. Despite the fact that Juan Valentín, Irene and Miguel Urdangarín would have chosen to remain more on their mother’s side, Pablo Nicolás has known how to stay between a rock and a hard place without this affecting him, embracing his father in the same way as his mother and understanding the pain of both in a situation as difficult as a break in the media after 24 years of marriage. Something that can be quite complicated in the eyes of the people around you, and to which, however, The young man has known how to put himself ahead, ignoring the rumors to focus on the affection he feels for his parents equallyregardless of the possible mistakes they have made in their love story and that are now vox populi.

Unlike the rest of his brothers, the athlete has a great bond with his father that goes beyond the merely family, which is why he may have managed to empathize in a more real way than his loved ones with Iñaki Urdangarin. For the young man Zumárraga’s is more than a father, he is a reference and he shows it like this whenever he gets the chance, dedicating some nice words of admiration to him, considering him “an example” who gives him “lots of advice every day and helps him with everything”, being a privilege to have him in his life and to have forged a friendship that It goes beyond what others may think.

Infanta Cristina
The Infanta Cristina with her mother-in-law and her son Pablo / Gtres

Pablo Urdangarin, wild card and “successor” of the Infanta Elena

What draws attention to Pablo’s conciliatory personality, is that much has to do with that of the Infanta Elena during his youth. For many years, the eldest daughter of King Juan Carlos served as the perfect wild card within the Royal Family, having carried her love for Spain with her beyond the family problems that could exist within the Bourbons, showing that she is always available when the Zarzuela and their affairs see fit.

This detail became more and more public as a result of the outbreak of the Noós Case. That was when Doña Elena extended a hand to her sister Cristina, despite the fact that some members of the Royal House chose to turn their backs on the then Dukes of Palma. Princess Leonor’s aunt did not hesitate to stay by her little sister’s side whenever it was necessary, both publicly and privately, thus being one of her fundamental pillars even in the most complicated situations. Something that was also reflected with the abdication of Don Juan Carlos and the subsequent proclamation of Felipe VI as King of Spain. Some circumstances in which the Infanta was not entirely favored, and yet, He knew how to live up to it by acquiring a preferential role that has nothing to do with the one he has carried out later, taking a second plane as part of the King’s Family.

The Infanta Elena with her sister, the Infanta Cristina, in Geneva / Gtres
The Infanta Elena with her sister, the Infanta Cristina, in Geneva / Gtres

Despite the fact that this decision by the emeritus was not entirely favorable towards his eldest daughter, she has served as the perfect Duchess of Lugo and Infanta of Spain, being at the head of the Crown whenever required, without forgetting that his father lives in Abu Dhabi and that he also needs his lovereason for which he has traveled there as soon as his schedule has allowed him and at various times.

In this way, the King’s sister and his nephew show a series of similarities for which their role within the family is of vital importance, and as long as their attitudes are so mediating, it will continue to be so.


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