Pablo Motos recounted his most difficult moment in the history of “El Hormiguero” because of Sacha Baron Cohen El Hormiguero: Pablo Motos remembers the day Sacha Baron Cohen brought him to justice

Pablo Motos Survived to this day, Reference figures in the small screen world. His show “Homigro” Because of its original part and celebrity guests, it will bring together real audience success every afternoon from Monday to Thursday. despite this, In this Antena 3 space trajectory, not everything is gold with The executive producer of the show, Jorge Salvador, is responsible for remembering it every week Review the archive of the show and tell interesting anecdotes, unusual events, or complex moments in the first person, such as the one that appeared in the segment last Tuesday.Jorge, who always tries to surprise the audience and guests himself, chose This time, when he himself started to move forward as soon as he sat at the table, an embarrassing memory was about to annoy Pablo very much. It’s completely straightforward. This all happened in 2009, when the controversial actor Sacha Baron Cohen became Pablo’s worst nightmare when he promoted his movie “Bruno.”

Pablo Motos (Pablo Motos) during the airing of “El Hormiguero” not everything is fun/Gtres

Like other international celluloid stars, the team that accompanied Sacha (including the two screenwriters to manage her interview smoothly) put forward their needs to the production team, including asking Sacha’s answers to the questions Pablo would ask her, and Be able to read these questions on the teleprompter (the presenter can read the script help screen of the script in real time). Although this request numbed the people of Motos, they still agreed to their request without considering that they passed these answers on a MAC system that is not compatible with Windows. One minute after the show started, the guest himself refused to broadcast the frustration.

Pablo Mortos lives with Sacha Byron Cohen/Antena3 at an awkward moment
Pablo Mortos lives with Sacha Byron Cohen/Antena3 at an awkward moment

my own Jorge Salvador is responsible for reminding Pablo of the limiting moments in his life (And he claimed not to remember) Once the procedure started. Thanks to the archive images displayed by El Salvador, the audience was able to relive the greatest tension in a few minutes. among them, You can see a hesitant Pablo Motos looking around, I hope they will tell him from time to time whether his guest Sacha Baron Cohen is really short in the end, or on the contrary, whether he will open the curtain to make the audience happy.

Since the appearance of Celluloid, there has been an embarrassing story with a happy ending. It did not end with the present set of Sachs, because the translator is committed to “resisting” his meeting with Pablo, making obscene moves from time to time to show off him. The role in “Bruno”, so much that he taught him the noblest part, such an absolutely upset Motors will find that his pubic hair is different from the color of his head.

Sacha Baron Cohen put Pablo Motos in a difficult position in
Sacha Baron Cohen put Pablo Motos in trouble during the “El Hormiguero” broadcast in 2009 / Antena3′

As the TV producer explained, Pablo gave in several times and terminated the show. There is no doubt that this is one of the episodes that test the surface calmness of TV monsters.

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