Pablo Motos puts Tamara Falcó in a bind: “It makes me morbid to know …”


Paul Motorcycles has closed a new week in front of the anthill and leading his television slot, but, unlike on other occasions, this time he wanted to bring out the most intimate side of his collaborators. For this reason, this Thursday, he encouraged Juan del Val, Cristina Pardo or Tamara Falcó to confess what the punishments they suffered from their parents when they were little were like.

Tamara Falcó, in El Hormiguero / Atresmedia

The first person he asked for his opinion was Isabel Preysler’s daughter, to Tamara’s indignation: “Are you punishing me for not having intervened in the previous issue?” he asked. A question to which Pablo Motos responded in a somewhat unexpected way: «It makes me morbid to know how they punished you as a child». Falcó explained that “I was very peppy as a child and I always told on my brothers Julio and Enrique, and he, to punish me, did not let me play with him.”

Íñigo Onieva’s ex also recalled that “in adolescence they always expelled me from Chemistry class, but I don’t know why.” For his part, Cristina Pardo He said that “they punished me without going out to a party because they kicked me out of class a lot, even at the University.” less naughty was Nuria Rocawho expressed that “I was very good, the eldest of the siblings, the person in charge, although I remember a month without going out, but it was because of a nonsense of being late” And she revealed that she does not advocate that type of corrective: “Now I am incapable of punishing my children.”

Nuria Roca loafers
Nuria Roca, in El Hormiguero

Pablo Motos himself was also not free from giving information about how his parents were spending to get him on the sidelines: “It was an extreme case, they were punishing me more and more and the last thing was the dark room, the storage room.” Finally, it was Juan del Val who spoke about this matter: “They only punished me when I failed, so I was always punished, I have been failing for as long as I can remember.”

It is worth mentioning that this improvised debate arose after the current affairs table of the anthill gave his opinion on the Spanish National Team match and on the row that occurred in Parliament this week: «It is that there are parties that without hatred are nothing. The media are also to blame for that because if they don’t say it’s too fat, they don’t come out first, “reflected Pablo Motos.

Paz Vega and Santiago Segura, in 'El Hormiguero' / FLICKR
Paz Vega and Santiago Segura, in ‘El Hormiguero’ / FLICKR

The program also counted as guests with peace vega Y santiago safewho went to present their new film full train 2. Among other topics, the Andalusian commented on her experience living in Marilyn Monroe’s house: «We rented a house at the beginning and they rented it as if she lived there. I am very shitty and it was horrible because she felt it everywhere, she even heard the piano… we lasted two days ».


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