Pablo Alborán: his important reflection on success and failure


Pablo Alboran He is living one of the most important moments of his career. After having been on the stages of half the world, where he sang the lyrics of his songs with his public. The artist from Malaga was recently featured in the anthill to promote his upcoming recording project.

Pablo Alborán’s new album It goes on sale this Friday, December 2. and will do so under the title of the fourth leaf. A new work where he shares with his fans the songs he has been working hard on for a few months in his studio.

It was in this interview with Pablo Motos that the man from Malaga answered if he could be happy without success, and he surprised everyone with his important reflection. “What is success?” Asked the presenter of Antena 3. A question where the host of the show asked him if it was to release an album and succeed like him or hang the sign ‘sold out’.

I swear to God that for me success is not that. At home, my parents never said to me: “Son, you will be able to be what you want”. No, you can be what you can. And I hope you can be who you really are. And it’s something that every day since I can remember, I’ve thought about. And so I struggled to show the best version of myself to achieve my dream of making music, and if it goes well, great and if it goes badly, I have other things that I make you happy”he began to explain.

“Of course it makes me happy to make a record and it sells or my shows are full, I’m not a hypocrite, I hope it always happens, but life is also many other things and success can be dangerous if everything is based on a number, because I am not a number. None of us are a number”, he concluded. A few statements with which Pablo Alborán once again showed his humility and earned him the unanimous applause of the public.


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