Oysho’s home clogs that style you and are very cheap


There are shoes for the home that are always a good option to be presentable if you often have visitors, and you don’t want to take any shoes that you wear outside, but you want to make a good impression with an option that remains among the trends. Check these out clogs for being at home which stylizes

East Leather clogs with rubber sole, from Oysho, It is a perfect product for those women who are always active, even at home.

As one of the great protagonists of the current catalog of this fashion company, the main advantage of this particular model is that it is 100% suitable for outdoor use, so if you have to go out urgently, you don’t even need to change your shoes. You can leave immediately.

How are Oysho clogs for living at home?

A versatile solution for your feet

This clog is suitable for outdoor use and therefore becomes a highly recommended choice for almost all women who want this type of shoe and who are thinking of getting a new one for the fall/winter season.

Available in one sandy brown color that looks really good and matches any outfit that you have chosen for that occasion, we highlight its non-slip sole as its most important detail, as it will prevent you from slipping and hitting or falling.

The clogs to be around the house that will style you like never before at Oysho and at a low cost price

From Oysho, they also indicate that the cut is split leather and that the height of the sole is 3.8 centimeters, high enough for you to feel comfortable but not so high as to be annoying, so we think it has been a very good decision on your part.

Manufacturing materials

This house clog has been made of 100% cowhide for cutting, 100% polyester for the lining and 100% thermoplastic rubber for the floor or sole, a set of premium raw materials that ensure you will never tire of wearing them.

Shipping, returns and price

The delivery of the article in store or at your home is completely free, as long as you accompany it with another product that exceeds 10 euros, so it may make sense to take a look at its accessories to take advantage of this promotion and save yourself little money.

When it comes to returns, the terms are generous as you have one month from the delivery confirmation email.

Finally, the price is 29.99 euroswhich is not bad for its many uses at home or outside it.


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