Oysho joins the metallic pants trend: elegant, but comfortable

Metallic garments are in fashion. Don’t miss one because Oysho joins the metallic pants trend and you already have it on your website. We highlight the silver ones, perfect for parties or if you want to go for something more sophisticated in everyday life.

They are combined with black, white, beige, brown, purple… you can now choose them for this Christmas and be the center of attention due to their important design.

metallic pants trend

We’re talking about long pants too elastic waist in metallic fabric. It has pockets on the sides for your comfort so you can carry what you need closest to you with a simple gesture.

It is made of exterior: 94% polyester 6% elastane. Follow the instructions on the label if you have to wash them so they last longer and don’t spoil before their time.

complete your look

These pants are quite baggy, so you can wear them for your best comfort whenever you want. It goes well with many clothes, and Oysho recommends wearing it with tops in different colors, running t-shirts, sports shoes and also with sandals or slightly higher boots, both in the heel and in the cane.

One of the clothes that suits him best is the metallic shirt, in the same style and design as the pants. That way, they go well together and create a good look to choose when you want to be noticed. The The price of this short-sleeved t-shirt is 15.99 euros and it comes in different sizes. The best thing is that it is on the same Oysho website, and thus you can buy different garments without leaving the same website.

Where do we buy the pants?

These long trousers are available on the Oysho website, and in the brand’s physical stores, for this it is better to first see if it is in any of them so as not to make the trip in vain. for this is always better to buy online to avoid delays and get everything with one click.

The The price of these trousers is 29.99 euros and the sizes available at the moment are S, M and L. hurry because the sizes are running out and that’s why it’s important that you get the pants if you like them now.

From Oysho, they have other trousers with a similar style, such as nylon joggers at 35.99 euros; the metal wire with a price of 29.99 euros; and the silver metallic padded jacket which costs 69.99 euros.