Overseas Nigerian shares hilarious experience with Caucasian boss who was curious about Lagos


A Nigerian living abroad recently recounted a conversation he had with a boss who was interested in learning more about lakesNigeria.

The person who goes by @EtuboLion claimed that his employer, whom he had previously informed him to be from Lagos, had abruptly asked him if he had grown up in Ikoyi or Banana Island.

He replied no, that it grew around the Okota, Ijesha and Olasa axis, which made his Nigerian colleagues laugh.

He told the bewildered woman that the areas she had specified were considerably different from the regions where he had grown up.

She then invited him into her office, where he discovered that she had been doing Google searches about Lagos and that all the results were from the picturesque parts of the city.

She was horrified by all the change in the landscape and the events that were taking place there when she finally revealed the names of the neighborhoods in which she had resided in Lagos.

Read her full narrative below…

“My oga who I told you was from Lagos, Nigeria, saw me a few weeks ago today and asked me where I grew up in Lagos… I was surprised… before answering, he asked me: “Hi-koyi? Banana-Island? Lekki”… I said no…

Omo, I grew up on that side of Okota, Ijesha, Ilasa, Isolo, Ikotun”. 🤣🤣

Even my Nigerian colleague doesn’t laugh at the tires. She said, “What did you say?”

I laughed and explained that where I grew up was totally different.

She asked, “but in Lagos?” I said yes…

“Ah, alright, alright”

She called me later at her office. Ashey, this woman was on YouTube watching videos about Lagos.

For some reason, his searches were bringing up all these Atlantic City, Banana Island, Ikoyi kini kan kini kan…

Boya searched, “beautiful places in Lagos” God knows.

She asked, “where did you grow up again?” She said: “Isolo, Okota, Ilasa, Lagos”. We clicked on the isolated video that appeared, mom saw a Danfo enter the road without stopping / using the flashing light, she first used her glasses 🤣🤣🤣

He had to back up to see what was going on, when the danfo pulled onto the road he said “OMG this is chaotic, is that how you drive there?”

“Ha mom, these places you’re seeing, you have to wear weyrey and carry it” 🤣🤣🤣

We kept looking and this napep came onto the road and almost hit the car that was making the video, “she yelled again omgggg she almost hit the car…”

Mom, calm down, don’t yell in my ear, these things are not normal for us.

She asked, “When you go home, you don’t drive like that, do you?”

Wow, you should give me your Tesla, let me take it home and drive it. 😘

Mom yelled, “Hell no” 🤣🤣🤣

“How do you do that, one can have a heart attack driving there”

“You don’t have heart attacks driving in Lagos, ma’am. Driving in Lagos helps you discover your talent in madness” 🤣

You won’t know you’re angry until you start driving in Lagos, especially on the mainland. Heart attacks don’t come close to you… 🤣

However, thank you for thinking highly of me. For thinking that I am a neighbor of people like Otedola, Adenuga, Dangote and Co. Woowwww

Emi ni kan tan? 🤭”


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