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SNCF said on Tuesday that the oui.sncf website will be renamed sncf-connect.com in January, and an application will be launched that will combine passenger information with ticket purchases.

By combining oui.sncf (formerly voyages-sncf.com, merchant site) and SNCF Assistant (passenger information application) into one site and an application called SNCF Connect, it hopes to “be able to provide e.Voyageurs SNCF Anne Pruvot, general manager of the company, said that to provide (…) and provide customers with simple things.

It also hopes to “multiply” its services and functions.

Ms. Pruwater pointed out that the total number of visits to the oui.sncf site and application reached 450 million times a year, while the SNCF assistant application was downloaded 16 million times, responding to an average of 1 million route searches per day.

Oui.sncf currently has 11 million “active customers” who have purchased air tickets in the past 12 months, and half of them have purchased at least once within 24 hours before departure.

Ms. Pruwater pointed out that the goal is to increase its turnover from 4.3 billion euros to 6.5 billion euros by 2025. She also hopes to sell the company’s expertise to the local community.

“SNCF Group’s Digital Factory”, e.voyageurs SNCF-a subsidiary of SNCF Voyageurs-must be renamed SNCF Connect & Tech in January, also indicating its boss. It has approximately 1,500 employees.



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