Otoniel: The most wanted drug lord since the arrest of Pablo Escobar.

The’s the most wanted drug dealer in Colombia, Dairo Antonio Usuga David, also known as’Otoniel, was detained by local security officials.

Arrest leader of the “Clan del Golfo” poster According to Colombian President Ivan Duque, this is the biggest blow to drug trafficking in the country since the imprisonment of Pablo Escobar in 1993.

Otoniel was detained at the place Duke named ‘Operation Osiris’, in which the Colombian government has offered a reward of $ 800,000 and the United States has offered $ 5 million.

For several months he was under siege by the army and police in the Urab region, where he was finally captured.

“The most dangerous drug dealer in the world”

Duque called him “the most feared drug dealer in the world”, as well as “a murderer of police, soldiers and public figures, and a recruiter of children.”

The government has persecuted him since 2015.while killing dozens of their own people.

The Colombian President said this was the end of the road for the Clan del Golfo trafficking group.

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