Osimhen’s surgeon: The eye came out of the hole, we used six plates and 18 screws.


VIktor Osimhen suffered terrible facial injury during Napoli’s 3-2 defeat Interand his surgeon showed how complex the Nigerian’s problem was.

Gianpaolo Tartaro clarified that this was no ordinary head injury, as the player broke a cheekbone and an eye socket as a result of a collision with an Inter defender. Milan screeniar

“He had a series of fractures, as if his head was under pressure. [Surgery] it took three hours, we had to cut it in three places on the face, ”Tartaro said in an interview with Il Corriere dello Sport.

“We must now take a closer look at the special mask for his case. This is not something trivial, there is a nerve in it, it is all very complicated. Let’s see how his situation will develop.

The doctor also confirmed that Osimhen will not be able to attend the Africa Cup of Nations in January as he may have to undergo surgery again.

“The eye came out of the orbit. It’s not easy at all, in fact, it is very fragile due to crushing of the orbit due to the curvature of the cheekbone. [which is] practically destroyed.

“Various fractures, not just the cheekbones, obviously led to complications, and six plates and 18 screws had to be inserted.

“Victor needs to be very careful because if there is a problem, he has to go back to the operating room.”

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