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Mess with Oscar (next Sunday) expected this year. Long before the gala. Antonia San Juan no longer needs to dazzle us with a performance of Goya. We prepared ourselves for disaster with our nails. Well, does anyone know. We are also struck by the audacity of the Academy to juggle a few stars and their choir of mindwho is not known. Okay, yes, it’s known, but not understood. And hopefully a surprise.

With every group of speakers the Academy announced, we were on top of each other. As if we were missing the lead trio of Amy Schumer (and I like her), Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes (I only like her in Good fight). And wait, Schumer wants Zelensky to participate: “I would like to find a way to transmit this via satellite or record it, because there are a lot of eyes on the Oscars. I’m not afraid to go there, but I’m not the one who produces the Oscars.” I hope this isn’t a surprise.

Yes, I was going to the leading groups. First: Kevin Costner, Lady Gaga, Zoë Kravitz, Rosie Perez, Chris Rock and Juh-Jong Yoon, South Korean actress from Minari. In another installment, Anthony Hopkins, Lily James, Uma Thurman and fillers. In another, John Travolta is the biggest figure. Jamie Lee Curtis or Samuel L. Jackson sneak into the next one. Fifth place is the best, so I’ll put them all: Stephanie Beatrice, DJ Khaled, Jennifer Garner, HER, Tiffany Haddish, Tony Hawk, Bill Murray, Elliot Page, Kelly Slater and Sean White. From there, they started making equally crazy fictional lists that included Hulk Hogan, Jaleel White (Steve Urkel), Nancy Kerrigan, Arantza Sanchez Vicario, or Alf.

Let’s see, they didn’t even invite the main character west side story, nominated film. Rachel Zegler was called in to perform after all the trouble. But a lot of jerks were invited, perhaps claiming a new audience (young, as Zac Efron was walking around that year), but scaring away the old one. Hey, it’s early morning here. We must not see movie stars. Cinema! What a thrill when the Tony Hawk comes out, I don’t know if it’s on wheels. Is it true that skater He took criticism well. He said that if he was in every Jackass movie, Police Academy 4 or in Shark tornado 5 does not give him the right to attend the Oscars, and some may adjust their cinematic tastes.

The best list of parodies is the one I’ve seen on Paloma Rando’s Twitter: Sonia Monroy, El Chuli, El Pay, El Cabra, Maria Jesus, His Accordion, Ramon de Pitis and Valencia’s Neighbors made the list with the same look. of which the Academy publishes. Those that “offered” the Academy.

The best (or worst) is that I don’t care. I won’t stay to watch the Oscars, I prefer to be at seven in the morning on Monday, crushing lorza. But it would be nice if he did not like to annoy me with trifles. The world is falling apart, the danons don’t come, and we get angry.



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