Ortega: “We must decide terrorism, confrontation, war or peace”

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President of Nicaragua and re-election candidates, Daniel Ortega, Said on Sunday that citizens are choosing between peace and terrorism. According to him, he was promoted by the excluded opposition. general election, Including seven presidential candidates, they are becoming his main competitors.

After voting with his wife, this Vice President Rosario MurilloOrtega, also eager for re-election, published a message on TV and radio in which he attacked opponents in prison and exile, as well as protests against his government that broke out in April 2018.

“We are holding these elections, and we are convinced that in this historic battle, we must decide between terrorism, confrontation, war or peace,” said Ortega of the People’s House.

In an unusual practice, the President made his call in the middle of Election Day, which was contrary to the prediction of the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), which passed peacefully in the first seven hours of Election Day , The voter turnout rate is very low. A large-scale vote is expected.

To vote or not to vote

this The opposition was excluded from participating in the election, Nicaraguans in exile and the Association of Our Lady of April, which gathered the relatives of the victims of the social outbreak in 2018, launched an anti-voting campaign on the grounds that doing so would legitimize the “Ortega Murillo dictatorship”.

Opponents are using hashtags such as #YoNoBotoMiVoto, #YoNoVoto or #NicaraguaNoVota to urge Nicaraguans not to leave their homes, keep doors closed and streets empty, because they think “no one can vote for whom” and the process is a “fake” .

“There is a vote, voting will not kill anyone, voting will not cause any harm to anyone, voting does not require terrorism, war, never, voting does not require roadblocks in the country, and requires it to be paralyzed. Economic and The destruction of the family, the vote does not require public torture,” criticized Ortega.

In his speech, the President reviewed the violent scenes of anti-government demonstrations in 2018 and insisted on accusing the United States. A few minutes later, he thanked the United States for donating the vaccine against Covid-19.

Defend the election

Ortega appealed to the capture of the U.S. Capitol in January last year to defend the election process in Nicaragua, criticizing the opposition for imprisoning seven presidential candidates, abolishing three opposition parties, and abolishing international election observation.

“In the United States, this procedure is public. They have the right to open the process of combating terrorists, just like the Nicaraguans have the right to open the process of combating terrorists, because they are conspiring, because they don’t want to hold these elections. Hold,” he insisted.

The President affirmed that Nicaragua has been committed to voting since 1984. Since then, the country has held 49 election procedures, including presidential, municipal and regional elections, election of the president, vice president, department and national representatives, and the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), Mayors, deputy mayors and councillors, as well as autonomous authorities in the Caribbean.

The opposition party, the Blue and White National Party, accused Ortega of trying to influence voters’ decisions on election day. This is called “election silence”, which violates the “Election Law.”

“The dictator Daniel Ortega once again violated the electoral law and preached politically in the silence of the election,” National Unity said on its social network.

More than 4.4 million Nicaraguans were called to Nicaragua’s polls to elect their president and vice president. The National Assembly has 90 representatives and the Parasen Parliament has 20 representatives.

Like the local opposition, the Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union also expressed doubts about the legitimacy of elections in Nicaragua because they did not find a guarantee of transparency.


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