Ortega Cano throws newspaper after threatening to attack a journalist


José Ortega Cano has been restrained by the media, he has announced this afternoon.Matador can no longer handle the pressure he receives from certain projects, such as help mewhy He lost his nerve when he went to Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring to watch the bullfights at the Autumn Fair. Unconsciously, he met a moment Jose Antonio Aviles Live in Telecinco’s afternoon space.

Ortega Cano with umbrella / Gtres

How else is it possible, the collaborator has been interested in the latest news in front of the right-hander, suggesting that he will file for divorce in his own name Anna Maria Alden. The most stressful situation, where the father Gloria Camila Ortega He tried to sidestep the questions until in the end he even managed to hit a reporter who is present. A pose captured by a Telecinco camera in the aforementioned enclave brought the biggest surprise to all the collaborators on the Fuencarral chain.

Ana Maria Aldon and Jose Ortega Cano / Gtres
Ana Maria Aldon and Jose Ortega Cano / Gtres

Nonetheless, it seems obvious that matador Talking about certain topics can make you uncomfortable, even though you have to do it next Monday.It is through a message that he himself has admitted that he took the initiative to attend during Ana Rosa Quintana’s re-emergence in the Ana Rosa program, he will be there for an interview with the emcee, while he pledges that he is willing to “tell her everything she wants”, which is said to have made him “very happy”. But the truth is that the right-hander will have to come to terms with the questions surrounding his current relationship status with the designer, as Anna Maria herself confirmed last weekend that she and her husband live an independent life, although their marriage remains in effect.

José Ortega Cano at
José Ortega Cano at “Project Ana Rosa” / Telecinco

If there is an imminent divorce between the former contestants survivor With her husband, all the rumors about a crisis between the two over the summer have finally been confirmed. Things seem more and more real, especially given the designer’s indifference when it comes to her husband in her various public appearances, and her relationship with her family is ineffective today. What the couple seems clear, however, is that they will act primarily by maintaining the happiness of Jose Maria Jr., despite the months of change and uncertainty to come, which may give the unfinished Ault Gar Cano brings some tension. Get used to the constant persecution of the media.


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