Ortega Cano Sentences Ana María Aldón and Starts Divorce Proceedings


Joseph Ortega Cano Yes Anna Maria Alden They broke up a few days ago, but they are still married.The thing that may last for a short time is that the matador is in harsh remarks He was still his wife last weekend. As Paloma García-Pelayo in Anna Rosa Project.

Right-handers can’t anymore. It’s been wear and tear over the past few months, now taking its toll in the form of a definite goodbye. He wanted to be separated from the mother of his young sons, so everyone could rebuild their lives, always with the well-being of the minors as the main goal.

Ana María Aldón and Ortega Cano / Gtres

This is a huge step forward for Ortega Cano as Ana María did not use the word divorce when intervening in the plan reunion. In front of Emma García, the tailor talks about breaking up, but doesn’t go further: “Had a great relationship with my son’s father” But it was broken “for a long time”.

Andalusians testify that they live and do things together under the same roof for the benefit of their common son: “We live together, we talk. We talk, there is a lot of cordiality, respect, affection and a beautiful child. The four of us are at home and we eat together. She is very harsh in assessing the marital status: we don’t make plans as a couple, but we do with our son. «I’m not going to take a step back, always move forward. We live under the same roof, but everyone lives their own lives.

Ortega Cano with umbrella / Gtres
Ortega Cano with umbrella / Gtres

Ortega Cano’s decision was firm and confirmed an open secret that the marriage was mortally wounded. Everything has been lived in ignorance this past summer, with no confirmation or denial of anything, a breeding ground before big decisions. Break up first, then divorce. These are the steps forward that the designer refers to.

A very sinking Ana María Aldón has been seen over the past few months. disappeared for a while From TV to focusing on treating the depression she diagnosed. She needs time, to leave, to see things in perspective, and to analyze how to get out of the bottomless pit she finds herself trapped in.

For his part, Jose Ortega Cano gave the media his most distressed look while on holiday in Costa Ballena. His nervousness is palpable, which makes him lose his temper at times: «You’ve been breaking into my house for hours and asking people! » or already famous “leave me alone!” Some of his reactions in front of the camera.

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