Ortega Cano: From his “Glimpse” to His Crisis with Anna Maria Alden


‘S interview Jose Ortega Cano In “Viva el verano” last Friday, he left a wound in their relationship. The gentleness of the right-handed who missed the image of Rocío Jurado made him a wife, Anna Maria Alden, Completely collapsed It’s completely straightforward.The tailor recognized Toñi Moreno’s feelings: “I know his sincerity when he speaks, I understand everything he says… even last night For a moment, you asked yourself, what am I doing here?This man still loves his wife (…) Their love is so great and beautiful… As I know him, I know how he feels… I walked into my house and found him in the room listening to Rocío », said in “Viva la Vida” , “Former contestant” survivor”.

The father of Gloria Camila and José Fernando Ortega was broadcast live on “El programa del verano” this Monday and told about his views on the incident: “Say I feel sorry for Anna Maria, she knows what I love her, and I love her. Take care of her in every way. But I don’t have the right to be told that I ignored it, I gave it everything it deserves, and even more reflected in my life. They are talking about a situation that doesn’t exist, which is the same as Rossi Ou has nothing to do. I treat her like my wife and love her, she gave me a great son».

Ana María Aldón and José Ortega Cano in the file picture. /Gtres

Ortega Kano also admitted that “I don’t want to participate in this show because I feel very tired and exhausted from the media”, but it is his current wife who inspired him to do this: “They come here to see me, she is the first Someone who saw me. I encouraged him to participate in the show. I don’t understand how he reacted and said this at the wrong time». At the same time, Alton’s tears were streaming down, and the matador responded: ” I am her husband. I get along well with her. I can’t stay in the place facing people and the street. “

From love to Ortega Kano’s mockery to Anna Maria Alden

Ortega admitted that he had not talked about it with his wife: “I have not talked about it with her yet, but because I don’t want to. I want to live a peaceful life. I have gone through a lot of aspects. What I can say is that I have turned to her and I don’t want to brag about anything or provide any details, but she already owns me and can use me in everything ».

However, he did not let go of a small news: «This surprised me. For me, it was a surprise because you can’t say anything. She admires Rocio. She loves Rocio very much. She remembers Rossio very much because she is from Sanluca. Wait…and then publicly say “what is she watching there?”“. Finally, Ortega said: “I don’t understand, it’s like breaking my heart,” he said.

The “little eyes” that change everything

When your relationship is most fragile, it’s time to remember how it started. Ana María Aldón is a young woman from Cadiz. She lives in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. «My mother and I spent a day at the Yerba Buena farm, taking an old bus tour, but I did not expect to meet him. He gave me “Look. Of course, I was the youngest man who noticed me and when I left he asked for my phone number»A few years ago, he joked in a media speech. The age difference of 24 years did not hinder their love. The stones on the road will be late.

Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón, when they started / Gtres
Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón, when they started / Gtres

In 2012, when the right-handed was sentenced to two and a half years in prison, she left everything to settle in Zaragoza where she was serving her sentence – close to the person who would become her husband in 2018. This is his greatest support in one of the toughest moments of the matador.

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