Ortega Cano clarifies how his relationship with Isabel Luna is


After confirming the divorce agreement between Jose Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón, the right-hander and the designer already lead completely separate lives, although the Andalusian has not yet abandoned what, to date, has been her residence. Ana Maria She is very focused on her facet as a television collaborator and focused on all the details of her move to her new home, located about twenty kilometers from the bullfighter’s house, however, it is not yet known when this move will take place.

Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón walking. /Gtres

For his part, Ortega Cano He is taking advantage of this new stage to spend time with his circle of friends. A few days ago she received a visit from her daughter Gloria Camila, who coincided with Ana María for a few minutes, just as she was returning from work. No details of this fleeting encounter between the two women have been released.

night with friends

The bullfighter has taken advantage of the weekend to enjoy an evening with a group of friends, including Isabel Luna. A few weeks ago, coinciding with Ana María Aldón’s birthday, a video was leaked in which the right-hander appeared in the company of the singer. Some images in which the bullfighter was seen dancing while Isabel Luna sang and which gave rise to all kinds of comments.

Jose Ortega Cano in Madrid. /Gtres

This weekend, Ortega Cano has gone out with Isabel Luna again, although he wanted to settle all kinds of speculation about the relationship that exists between the two. “I am a compadre of her son, she is older. We have known each other for thirty years ”, declared the bullfighter, who said that he is fine. Ortega Cano did not want to comment on more issues related to his ex-wife, Ana María Aldón, nor the delicate moment that the designer is going through as a result of the latest statements by her eldest daughter, Gema.

The truth is that the bullfighter has found in his group of friends the best support to recover from the breakup. Not only has he been able to see him smiling and animated, but he has also not hesitated to go on stage to accompany his friend, and, in a certain way, recall that performance that he shared with Rocío Jurado in the past, when he started to sing “We are so comfortable.”

Good news

Although on a personal level it is not the best time for the right-hander, Ortega Cano You are about to fulfill one of your dreams. As he has revealed, after many months of intense work, his most personal project is finally going to open the doors, the museum dedicated to his figure in San Sebastián de los Reyes. It will be in the month of January, facing the third week. This has been confirmed by the journalist Aurelio Manzano in the program Partywhere he has revealed that the inauguration of the room focused on Oterga Cano is not going to be postponed any longer.

Ortega Cano / Gtres
Ortega Cano in a file image. /Gtres

It will be located in the Ethnographic Museum ‘El Caserón’ from the Madrid town, where the trajectory of other local bullfighting figures such as Andrés Caballero, Sebastián Pereira, Eduardo Flores or Álvaro García. Specifically, the room of the former husband of Rocío Jurado will occupy the ground floor, with a total of 160 square meters. The objective of the town is to incorporate the local bullfighting and festive history, in addition to paying homage to Ortega Cano. In the room, photographs, posters, trophies or bullfighter costumes will be exhibited, unique pieces donated by the right-hander linked to his career in the arena.


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