Organized gangs terrorize La Liga players


lThe aLiga players have a problem as organized gangs have targeted the best players. Violent robbery on Pierre-Emerick AubameyangBarcelona’s home game on Monday is just the latest example.

It hasn’t even been two weeks since Valencia forward Samu Castillejo was robbed, but he was lucky that he was not at home when the intruders entered. Two attacks in three in-game days. This is no coincidence.

This situation is not new. Real Madrid and Barcelona football players have repeatedly faced similar incidents. Casemiro robbed his house with his wife and daughter during a derby in 2019. Lucas Vasquez something similar happened to him when he was on holiday with his family, Zinedine Zidane and Isco also faced the same problem when they were at Real Madrid.

The most recent case to see the light of day on social media was a complaint by Mina Bonino, partner Vera Valverdeduring her holiday in Ibiza.

“They drugged me,” Mina said of the robbery at her summer home, where 10,000 euros were stolen.

“The real estate agents told us that the food could have been poisoned by the chef, so they took us to the hospital for a drug test.”

Several Barcelona players were also attacked by organized gangs in their homes. The loudest incident happened to Gerard Piqué in 2018. Taking advantage of the fact that the player has joined his national team and his partner Shakira is on tour, thieves broke into his home in Espludges to take numerous valuables.

At the same time, there was another robbery. Jordi Albaat home. In this case, when the player’s family was in the house, the thieves finally entered the first floor without the knowledge of his wife and children. The Barcelona defender trained ahead of the Champions League match against Milan.

Club recommendations to players

Many clubs have given advice to their players on how to prevent such attacks, asking them to increase their security measures during matches or training camps and not draw too much attention.

MARCA has consulted with police sources to determine the extent to which players are controlled by these gangs looking for easy money.

“They are easy to control,” police say.

“They get a lot of attention. Luxury cars, jewelry, watches, social media.

“These are young boys who sometimes bring people into the house, and these people tell what they saw.”

This is not a new phenomenon, but an increase in violence has been found, which is a consequence of what is currently happening in some major cities where violent robberies have increased. It is not always about foreign gangs, but these highly organized gangs are of Eastern European origin.

Signaling, discretion, environmental control, personal safety, and the common sense to provide information about your every move usually help to reduce this type of attack, which frightens many players who live in houses on the outskirts of large cities.

Real Madrid sent a clear message to their players when the wave of robberies began: “Don’t expose your personal life on social media.”

The fact that the player himself or his wife showed images of their houses and their locations meant that the thieves had information that they used to carry out robberies.

Ashley Cole’s Ruthless Robbery

One of the most notorious cases was a robbery at Ashley Coleat home in 2020. The former England defender, who retired from football at the age of 38 in August 2019, was robbed by masked men at his property in Fetcham, Surrey, in January 2020.

During a brutal robbery that took place on January 21, up to six thieves, “dressed in camouflage clothing and balaclavas”, carried away a large amount of jewelry.

Cole was tied to a chair during the robbery and ended up being extremely shocked by what happened. More than two years after the incident, The Mirror reports that thieves threatened to cut off his fingers.

At the Nottingham Crown Court’s burglary trial, it was said that Cole was tied up at knifepoint in front of his partner and their two children, and it was also alleged that one of the robbers suggested to his comrades “let’s cut off” . his fingers.”


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