Organisers of the French Grand Prix are already reportedly working on a 2024 return


According to Canal+, while the French Grand Prix will not be held in 2023, organizers are working to bring it back in 2024. Races can be held elsewhere than the traditional Paul-Ricard circuit in Le Castellet.

“Everything has been done for the French Grand Prix to find its date on the calendar, starting in 2024, if possible”. Organisers of the French Grand Prix are hoping for another quick registration on the Formula 1 calendar. Announcement of the cancellation of the 2023 competition, according to Canal+, they are already working on a return for the following year. Whether it’s a true regression or a simple change remains to be seen.

“Stakeholders are already working on 2024”, announced on the sidelines of the second free exercise Voice-encrypted channel by commentator Julien Fébreau Belgian Grand Prix. The organisation of the French Grand Prix will study the track together with F1 owner Liberty Media.

Le Castellet ruled out?

The race could be held elsewhere than at the Circuit de Castelles, as it has been since the return of the 2018 Grand Prix, but “somewhere in France, perhaps in a geographical area close to the Paul-Ricard circuit”, Febreau announced. This NiceLocated in the Castellet area, it has been mentioned in recent months for hosting a grand prix on its streets.A message from F1 Executive Managing Director Stefano Domenicali Ultimately denied by Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi, he is fighting to keep the race on the Paul Ricard track. Provided that it can quickly return to the calendar.


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