Ore Runsewe: The lady who built a local beauty brand in her bedroom


The word Arami directly translates as “my body” in Yoruba, and the idea of ​​creating “Arami (my body) essentials” is aligned with correct treatment of the body. It says so Ore Runsewethe girl who built Arami Essentials from a table in his bedroom.

Ore Runsewe was born and raised in the UK and was naturally educated there.

  • He obtained his academic training mainly in public relations and digital marketing. She then worked as a Public Relations/Communications consultant in the UK before moving to Nigeria in 2014 to do the National Youth Service Corps programme.
  • She worked with Women in Management, Business and Public Service, a Lagos-based non-governmental organization; Hill+Knowlton Strategies, a communications consulting firm; and then with the communications/digital marketing team of an investment bank.

The idea was to try some homemade skin care.

Moving to Nigeria, Ore’s main problem was getting the beauty products (hair and skin products) she had used all her life in the UK. Most of them were not readily available. And even when she did accidentally break into them, they were ridiculously expensive (probably due to the added cost of importing and storing them).

Switching to completely new product lines didn’t seem like the best idea, as he would recount later. According to her, she has very sensitive skin and was afraid of how it would turn out. But then again, leaving her skin uncared for wasn’t an option she’d consider either.

  • “Skin and hair have been an integral part of my life since I was a child. I had severe eczema for a long time, so keeping my skin hydrated was essential to my life! As I got older, I began to love experimenting with different ingredients on my skin and natural hair.” Runsewe recounted in an interview.

He began to create his alternatives instead of simply resigning himself to whatever option was available. This new adventure led to a great discovery of natural and locally available options that were safe and healthy for the skin.

  • “I started researching what people in Nigeria were using and the kinds of things that were available, like ingredients and products. That led me to search for shea butter, black soap, coconut oil, etc. I started experimenting with those things myself and that became what Arami is now.”

Your body is a temple. Take care of him…

The choice of the name “Arami” comes from the Yoruba translation of “my body”. After all, that was what the beauty brand was going to focus on. On the other hand, Ore said that she also found inspiration in a Bible verse.

  • “’Your body is a temple’ was taken from a Bible verse and reminds me to treat my body with respect, which is reflected in what I wear on my skin and hair, what I wear, what I eat , what I think and even how. I pass the time,” Ore said about Arami Essentials.

It sure seems like an unusual trend to have a brand name inspired by a Bible verse, but Ore did it, and somehow made the brand name sound unique.

starting from the bedroom

Arami essentials started in late 2016 out of Ore’s bedroom, with very little capital that he only had to use to buy ingredients and packaging material. For a long time, Ore Runsewe juggled the business with her full-time 9-to-5 job, content to reinvest everything from the business while she lived off her job. There was no need to worry about rent, utilities, or logistics since the business shared their living expenses.

This strategy worked well and kept the business going for the first few days, a period when many others fail due to funding problems. With no overhead costs in the form of rent and utilities, the business stabilized and Ore moved out of his bedroom to a smaller room in his house and then to a space he built in the back of the compound. the. Each step of this relocation became necessary as orders and production volume increased.

In this way, Arami Essentials was able to keep expenses low for a long time. Going full-time was a decision Ore Runsewe made much later when he discovered that many people were beginning to depend on his brand for their beauty needs and that he could no longer combine it with the demands of a full-time job.

In October 2021, the beauty brand opened its first factory at the Nigeria Foundries in Lagos.

The unique path to growth

Part of the unique route that Arami Essentials took was to attach promise cards to their packages for delivery. According to Runsewe, it is a way of showing them that they are part of the brand’s history.

  • “Customers don’t just want to receive things from a brand. They want to feel part of the brand and they want to have an experience when they receive their products. So putting promise cards in the package lets them know we’re constantly thinking of them and thank them for buying from us. They are a big part of our lives. We always want to remind our customers that we are constantly thinking of them and we always want to make sure they are happy.”

Such promise cards could come with calming and soothing messages like Everything will be beautiful in its time., Peace that passes all understanding, Patience and love are kind.. These messages target not only the physical but also the mental and emotional well-being of customers. This is all part of what makes the brand a favorite among the audience.

Arami Essentials is no longer considered a beauty brand anymore. But one of Nigeria’s homegrown beauty brands. Along with other young Nigerians in different fields, Ore Runsewe was recognized at the 16th The Future Awards Africa (TFAA) in the entrepreneurship category.

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