Orban distances from EU, promises he’s willing to buy Russian gas for rubles


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overwhelming majority victory in last Sunday’s election Have confidence Victor Orban in its pulse with the European Union. In a fiery news conference, Hungary’s prime minister reiterated his opposition to an embargo on gas and oil from Russia on Wednesday. More over, Budapest ready to accept one of Kremlin’s main demands: petrol is paid in rubles instead of euros, other member states rejected.

“We have no difficulty paying in rubles. If the Russians ask us, we will pay in rubles,” Orban assured.Prime Minister of Hungary therefore distance from the official position of the EUIt is believed that Moscow’s request is to avoid economic sanctions imposed by Western allies.

The Hungarian prime minister has admitted that Vladimir Putin was one of the few international leaders to congratulate him on his electoral victory. Orban is Russia’s only ally in Europeand visited him in Moscow before the outbreak of the Ukrainian war.

Orban Guarantee Will not bow to pressure from Brussels to impose embargo on Russian oil and gas. Currently, Hungary has a long-term contract with Moscow, ensuring lower prices. “It’s a guarantee of a supply contract. We’re not trying to make money with this, we’re trying to guarantee that there’s always gas,” he said.

The Hungarian prime minister has justified a break with Poland, his closest partner in the EU, over these supply issues. “The Poles want an immediate extension of sanctions on oil and gas. Poland has seas and can somehow manage its gas supplyOrban argued.

“Hungary can only get energy through gas pipelines. If sanctions are imposed, we will have nothing. There are different interests between Poland and Hungary and no common policy is allowed,” the Hungarian prime minister said.

President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyenannounced at the European Parliament on Tuesday that it will start the process Freeze European funds to Hungary Because of the lack of respect for the rule of law. The first notification letter has been sent. “It is unthinkable that Hungary would run out of money,” Orban replied, blaming “left-wing political motives” for the move.

“We will wait for this letter to arrive and we will respond. Whatever the letter says, Hungary will not supply Ukraine with arms. Nor will we change our position on extending sanctions against Russia to oil and gas. Nor will we move forward on gender issues‘, assured the defiant Orban.

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