Opening of an all-inclusive hotel in Aguadilla


After an investment of $900,000 and the creation of 120 jobs, the Vista Azul Hotel in Aguadilla has opened its doors.

This is an all inclusive hotel.

The mayor of Aguadilla, Julio Roldan, assured that this hotel represents a positive step in the direction that the city of Aguadilla needs to increase the number of job offers in the area.

To my time, He stressed that this project demonstrates the confidence that investors are gaining to open new businesses in the area.

“With the creation of the new Vista Azul Hotel, we are taking Aguadilla to a new level of economic development and an alliance between the municipality and the private sector. No doubt the discovery of Las Cascadas Toilet The park is becoming an important part of this effort to attract more tourists,” said Roldan Concepción.

CEO of Aguadilla informedIn addition, part of this alliance between the municipality and the hotel will allow packages to be offered that include access to the newly opened water park.

“Within the offers that the hotel will offer, you will find the entrance to Las Cascades. Toilet A park. They will purchase 500 monthly tickets which will allow their guests to be able to stay in their premises and enjoy day swimming pools in our renovated premises. This is definitely an added value for your guests,” he said.

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