Only Nixon could go to China, only Biden could bow to China


“The United States stands ready to do just that, to work with you, if that’s what you want.”

They said that only Nixon could go to China, but only Joe Biden could bow to China. And he stooped so low that he could have tied his shoelaces with his teeth.

Biden, who usually needs a nap and calls for a tapa after eating ice cream, spent more than three hours meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, who hopefully, if the meeting went well, offered Hunter Biden a job.

During their joint opening remarks, a reporter asked if Biden would press Xi on the lack of human rights in China. A Chinese communist thug quickly pulled her back and then pushed her towards the door.

Biden said nothing as an American reporter was attacked in front of him.

In Biden’s opening remarks, he mentioned not only human rights, but also Taiwan, despite repeatedly pledging to defend it, Hong Kong’s persecuted Christians crushed under the communist boot, concentration camps and gangs. communist workers, the fentanyl shipments that are killing Americans, and the origins of the COVID-19 virus.

Along with China’s massive spy program that has stolen our most vital public and private sector secrets while enriching and empowering our communist enemies.

Biden mentioned absolutely nothing of relevance to the national interests of the United States.

“I think the world expects China and the United States to play a key role in addressing global challenges, from climate change to food insecurity, and that we can work together,” Biden told the Beijing chief. “The United States stands ready to do just that, to work with you, if that’s what you want.”

Biden would make America wait for Emperor Xi’s pleasure. And then once Xi decrees, we will have the opportunity to buy more Chinese products filled with our stolen technology.

The Democrats and China have already partnered in a new ‘red-green alliance’ to destroy our energy industry with worthless solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars.

Biden was asking Xi to work together to destroy America’s food and energy supply. And Xi will be happy to oblige and help Biden destroy America.

Climate change is such an urgent issue that Biden, who had campaigned for president from his basement, dashed to Egypt for the UN COP27 climate change conference in the resort of Sharm-El-Sheikh. And then he flew to Cambodia for the ASEAN summit in Phnom Penh: the former capital of genocidal communist dictator Pol Pot.

Biden went to dinner wearing a traditional Khmer button-down shirt reminiscent of Mao’s suits, only more colorful and with a conventional collar, surrounding himself with international dictators. He couldn’t be blamed too much because he didn’t know where he was.

As he set out on his international trip, he told reporters: “Anyway guys, I’m going to, first of all, I’m going to Cairo for the environmental effort, then I’m going to Colombia and then, I’m telling you, Cambodia.

Things were no better when he arrived in Cambodia.

“Now that we are back together here in Cambodia, I look forward to building even stronger progress than we have already made, and I want to thank the Prime Minister of Colombia for his leadership as ASEAN President and for hosting us all. “Said the senile leader to the summit.

Xi knew what kind of corrupt and tottering leftist wreck would be waiting for him in Bali.

There, at another Muslim resort for the G20 summit in Indonesia, Biden told reporters of Xi: “I am convinced that he understood exactly what he was saying.”

No one knows exactly what Biden is saying, but Xi understood his counterpart’s weakness and irrelevance. And the nation he claims to represent.

“I absolutely believe there doesn’t need to be a new Cold War,” he assured reporters, seemingly oblivious to the fact that China has been in a cold war with us for at least a generation.

“And I don’t think there is any imminent attempt by China to invade Taiwan,” he added.

He then went on to mock “the Republicans who survived” in the Senate.

Biden will never take on Xi and China the way he attacks his fellow Americans. And since communist China has nothing to do with his administration’s priorities of abortion until birth, child grooming, fairness and federalization of elections, he’s not about to take on China.

Or seriously push him into something other than selling us more slave labor solar panels.

As Xi mentioned, he and Biden had last met face to face in 2017. After all this time, Biden had an opportunity to establish a clear set of national interests and present the US position.

Following a summit with Gorbachev, President Ronald Reagan gave a speech in which he said that “it has often been asked whether democratic leaders who are accountable to their people are not at a grave disadvantage in negotiating with leaders of totalitarian states that have no such a load. Well, believe me, I think I can answer that question. I can speak from personal experience. In the long run, no leader at the negotiating table can enjoy a greater advantage than the knowledge that he has behind him a people who are strong, free, alert, and determined to remain so, people like you.

Biden doesn’t have those people after him. His base is made up of radicals and racists who hate America and want to destroy it. And he disregards the will and wishes of the American people. Freedom is a contemptible word for him. And he does not care about national interests. In his comments with Xi, he could not envision US interests, only international ones.

Having failed to address China’s economic, drug and spy campaigns against this country, Biden will leave the G20 summit having once again betrayed this country to communist China.

In exchange for a few more solar panels.

Hopefully Hunter Biden will get at least another Chinese company board seat and maybe another $80,000 diamond.


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