Onion Price Increase Memes (Photo Compilation)

Here is a compilation of memes about the continuous increase in the price of onion.

ONION MEMES: Netizens have created hilarious and witty memes about the massive increase in the price of onions.

Credits to the rightful owner of the photos.

In recent months, rising prices for basic commodities, petroleum products, groceries, and other necessities add to the burden of the Filipino people. The inflation rate has something to do with the increase in the price of goods.

Among the products that increased enormously in terms of prices are red onions. In fact, the retail price of red onion in Metro Manila or the National Capital Region is around 280-300 pesos per kilo. The Department of Agriculture (DA) was apparently unable to conclude that there is a supply shortage.

The Ministry of Agriculture, headed by President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., said that they will coordinate with the Plant Industry Bureau (BPI) to determine what is the probable reason behind the increase from 180 pesos a year ago to 300.

Amid rising onion prices, the Iloilo Metropolitan Times compiled a series of witty memes about rising onion prices. Here is the build:

Meanwhile, according to Undersecretary for Agriculture Kristine Evangelista, the DA is expanding the number of Kadiwa locations where customers can buy onions for just P170 a kilo. On November 16, the Kadiwa ng Pasko, which featured food and products produced by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, was simultaneously launched throughout the country.

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