Onesixone: bags ‘made in Spain’ that combine arts and crafts and will conquer Queen Letizia


In July last year, the kings of Jordan were on a trip to the United States and how could it be otherwise queen rania got a lot of attention thanks to its display of sophistication and style. King Abdullah’s wife once again demonstrated why she is one of the most elegant women in the world thanks to her studied lady-like appearance where accessories occupy a fundamental place. Accessories among which at this time stood out in a special way.

Queen Rania on her recent visit to the United States / Gtres

And during one of the visits, the queen chose a bag “mother in Spain”. It was during a luncheon hosted by Grace Nelson, wife of former Senator Bill Nelson, NASA administrator. On this date, the consortium chose a set of a white blouse with three-quarter sleeves and an original pleated fuchsia skirt from Valentino. A set that was supplemented with a bag from the brand Onesixone.

The bag is handmade by leather craftsmen in the city of Ubrique in Cadiz. It is a limited edition in collaboration with the artist Kelly beeman, and its design is based on the golden ratio, which is explained on the company’s website. This company tries to combine arts and crafts, and in addition to Rania, customers have many outstanding figures.

This digital has been able to talk to Patricia Galvez, responsible for communication and marketing of the brand, to learn some details about the company’s present and future: “Onesixone was created to create timeless bags. Nowadays, if you take a look at the market, everything is based on volatile trends. The pattern or color that is fashionable today, next season is no longer a trend or is not worn. And at Onesixone, we wanted to create bags that would never go out of style, ”he explains. An idea that is only possible if art and craft go together: “art is a concept that will never go out of fashion. Therefore, we collaborate with artists and transfer their work to the new canvas that is the bag. And only through craftsmanship and leather quality could we create pieces that would last forever and provide the necessary quality, ”he emphasizes.

This very special concept makes the brand’s production limited: compared to the current ‘fast fashion’, we are committed to creating very limited pieces, only 161 units per model, in such a way that you feel that very few people in the world will have your same work of art on the skin, ”says Gálvez.

A creative process that, which is logical, is somewhat laborious and extensive: “the creative process is a long journey, where the necessary time is devoted to each phase. This starts in the studio of the selected artist, as far as the creative director travels. And that’s where they start working on the works and imagine all sorts of creations, ”explains Patricia, who comments that it is just afterwards that the team moves to Ubrique to produce the first samples in the workshop.

It is not easy to find inspiration for such specific models, nor is it easy to choose the artists whose work will be reflected in the designers: “it is the brand’s creative director and designer who creates the perfect atmosphere with the artist. It is a process of inspiration and design where we work with the versatility of the artist’s work and the different options for capturing the work in the bag ”, he emphasizes.

The choice of Ubrique as a reference point for manufacturing is not by mistake: “since Ubrique is the cradle of Spanish craftsmanship and where most foreign brands manufacture the best leather bags, it would be contrary to our values ​​to manufacture elsewhere than there. Experience, knowledge, workmanship and the material in Ubrique is somewhat difficult to find elsewhere. This is where the craftsmen make each bag hand by hand, only make limited runs and thus respect and preserve the care and quality that each bag is manufactured, ”says Gálvez.

In the same way that production is carried out in Spain, the company plans to collaborate with Spanish artists in the future: “We want to continue to immerse ourselves in art and we would like to collaborate with Spanish artists and brands. Like new product lines, but always with art as the beginning of everything, says Patricia.

There are many international figures who have carried the bags. In addition to Rania from Jordan, we have also seen them Michelle Obama, Priyanka Chopra or Pixie Lott. “Because we are very exclusive and unique bags, we have a very close relationship with most of our customers. They write to us, they consult us and when they get it, they are so happy and satisfied with their bag. They are the best brand ambassadors, which we really love to see with their Onesixone bags, ”she explains.

Doña Letizia usually uses wallets for most of her excursions / Gtres

A bag for Queen Letizia

In recent times, Mrs. Letizia has surprised with an important change in his wardrobe. When it comes to clothing, the Queen is incorporating new companies, especially the “Spain brand”, also into shoes, but it seems that bags are something that it does not currently innovate excessively. The wife of Felipe VI She usually uses small or wallet models for most events and Onesixone’s pieces would be perfectly tailored to her needs: “Doña Letizia has always been a great international representative of Spanish designers and brands, so seeing her wear a Onesixone would fill us with pride. We believe that an ideal connection for her would be the Gea Flights Red model, made in collaboration with the Valencian artist Nanda Botella. It is a bag made in red and blue tones, with a lot of personality and strength. It contains a chain, so it would be very convenient for your events and public appearances “, they emphasize from the brand.

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