One policeman dies, another injured in Brussels stabbing


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One policeman was killed and another was injured. After being stabbed on Thursday night brussels The man was detained by another patrol, according to the prosecutor’s office investigating the circumstances of the attack.

According to local media reports, the attacker shouted “Ala Akbar” (“Allah is great”) at the time of the attack, but the prosecutor’s office declined to rule on the matter.

The incident happened around 7:15pm Schaerbeek North Stationone of 19 cities in the Brussels-Capital Region, two policemen on the patrol They were attacked by a man with a knife.

When the first called for reinforcements, an agent from another patrol came to help, trying to Use his pistol to “neutralize the attacker”reportedly Evening News.

The attacker and two wounded police officers were taken to hospital, but one of them was hit the neckHe died of his injuries.

Two emergency medical teams and three ambulances from the Brussels Fire Service rushed to the scene.


“Our police officers risk their lives every day to keep our citizens safe. Today’s drama proves that again,” the Belgian prime minister said. Alexander De Crewon his official Twitter account.

De Crew moved his Condolences to the family and friends of the deceased And expressed his “sincere hope” that all is well with his hospital colleagues.

“What a terrible drama. This incident broke my heart. My first thoughts are relatives, members of the police force and the entire police force,” Belgian interior minister said. Anneliese Flynn, Also on Twitter.

The minister said she was “monitoring the situation very closely” and was “in close contact with the mayor, agency commanders and police departments”, stressing that ‘This violence is unacceptable’.

President of the European Parliament, Roberta Mezzolaalso “appalled by the murder of a Brussels police officer on duty tonight”.

“Over the years, the Belgian police have worked closely with the European Parliament to the point that this personal to us“The Maltese politician added that she expressed her sadness to the agents, her relatives and the whole of Belgium.

Belgian media confirmed that the suspect appeared at noon on Thursday Everler Township Police Departmentthe one next to Schaerbeek, where he apparently explained his intentions to attack the police.

With his consent and under judicial supervision, the man was transferred to a hospital for treatment. psychiatric assessment Apparently he was later released, according to Belgian media.



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