Once upon a time there was a president on Nantucket, and every one of his cars was hit by fire.


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The news here can be summed up in a limerick:

Once upon a time there was a president on Nantucket,
and could not move in a bucket.
He rented some cars,
and drove under the stars,
until each, a burning car hit him.

Okay, so I’m not Shakespeare. But this really happened. As Fox News reported more prosaically on Tuesday, “President Biden’s Secret Service rental vehicles caught fire in a parking lot Monday, just a day after he left for his Nantucket vacation.” Yes, they really did call him, rather whimsically, “President Biden,” not the more accurate “Presumptive President Biden” or “Presumptive President Biden.”

But other than that, Fox is dead serious: The five cars the Secret Service used to let the Let Them Eat Cake president ride around Nantucket on another of his endless vacations went up in flames. What the hell is happening here? That’s the one element of this bizarre story that’s conspicuously missing from Fox’s report.

Old Joe, Fox continues, “spent Thanksgiving on the luxurious island of Massachusetts with his family last week. The Secret Service leased five Hertz vehicles to transport the president and his family, and all five caught fire in the parking lot, according to images first obtained by Nantucket Current.” Current himself adds that the cars “had been returned to Hertz less than 24 hours before the fire broke out.”

Why did the cars catch fire? “The cause of the fire remains under investigation,” says the Current, “but one of the vehicles, a Ford Expedition, was under a manufacturer safety recall due to a faulty battery junction box that caused fires. While it had been scheduled for service under the recall, the sources said, it had not been repaired. Well, okay, that might be right there, but only one of the cars that burned completely was a Ford Expedition: the others were a Chevy Suburban, Ford Explorer, Infiniti QX80, and a Jeep Gladiator. did they everybody Do you have a faulty battery junction box?

The fire was quite serious and could easily have been even worse. Fox notes that “the vehicles were parked at the Nantucket airport and the fire reportedly spread to just 40 feet from the facility’s jet fuel tanks.” No one is saying what the heck was going on here, though: “Fox News reached out to the White House for information, but they didn’t immediately respond.” Why not? It’s not every day that all the vehicles the Secret Service used to protect the president go up in flames the next day. Aren’t the American people owed some sort of explanation?

There are several possibilities. It was one or more of these electric vehicles, and the Biden administration refuses to comment on the incident because it does not want the dangers of such vehicles to become widespread public knowledge and interfere with his effort to relegate the internal combustion engine to the dustbin of the history. ?

There is more. Read the rest here.


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