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Once upon a time, the future of connecting objects – Zimo News

More and more connected objects invite themselves inside and out.exist EDF Pulse & You Co-creation Platformstream of ideas…

in the bedroom

This is the final choice. The last stop before the summit. I stretched out my arms to grab it, and suddenly…it’s time to wake up.The surrounding music fills my alarm clock, and my eyes gradually open gently, thanks to Phototherapy adapt. weather forecastRoad traffic, appointments of the day, a sentence is enough for me to have all the useful information, and Roller shutters Rise automatically and open your heart to the day of dawn.Very peaceful night in this big hotel Mattress and resist Separately, the temperature can be adjusted according to the body of each person received.After checking my quality sleep On my connected watch, I decided to set foot on Earth.

in the bathroom

Start your day with a shower. Because with this automatic water flow system, the flow can be adjusted by voice at the appropriate temperature according to the weather, no longer need to toss between hot and cold!After cleaning, I use the connected scale to check all the necessary information about my health, weight, blood pressure, temperature, etc… The connected medicine cabinet then reminds me to take it drug and told me I had to update my prescription while integrating the data into my to do list queue up.still a test Mirror, luckily in 3D, this allows me to examine myself from all angles without giving me a stiff neck! For every face in the family, it provides beauty tips and advice based on weather, skin texture, fatigue level, upcoming activities and more.

In the kitchen

Coffee remotely programmed from my bed is waiting for me, all warm in the kitchen.The connected fridge will then tell me what breakfast is right for my plan for the day, tell me the weather, the scale’s “balance” data, and of course what’s left of it in the belly…D shopping list elsewhere was sent to me mobile phonewhile I throw a Eye With the integrated camera, I can bake bread in the oven without moving.for wastedon’t worry anymore, the trash can will show the correct one according to the situation Rubbish I let him swallow.still to be prepared washing machine It adjusts its cycle according to the weight of the laundry, colour, or organization.I will activate it remotely using Smart connection During off-peak hours, such as dishwasher Apart from.

in living room

When I get to the living room, I must pass in front of the TV, which turns into a mirror as soon as I turn it off. practice!Especially since it can also be used as a covert surveillance camera, videophone to see who is carry The family’s schedule can also be displayed, so don’t forget appointments. I also took the opportunity to record a message of encouragement for her today’s quiz… Plus, in TV mode, the device detects signs of fatigue and stops the movie or the recording ends like a big!Well, that’s not all, but due to different circumstances, it’s time to leave in peace sensor adjust the room ventilation Depending on the humidity of the house, the level of pollutionAir, etc. Then, if something goes wrong, I get alerts on my smartphone of any leaks or leftovers from the heating plate.mine Light bulb The remote control also allows to simulate my presence when I’m not home. I also recently installed this little box which interrupts the current on unused sockets. Guaranteed savings for wallet and planet!


You must go by mailbox and have a reader before leaving QR code It controls the opening of the package, the USB port for the digital version of the flyer, and the optical reader to list the day’s letters when I’m not home.Sensors, I also have some on my network pipeline Detect the slightest leak and act before water damages! Even the bird feeders were hooked up to distribute seeds to them as soon as they landed, and the camera was activated so I could observe them without scaring them.At the same time, I came to my vehicle I thawed remotely to get to mine on time carpooler. Let’s go and have a great day!

and you? What’s the ideal day to be surrounded by your favorite connected objects? post your thoughts on the EDF Pulse & You co-creation platform and win one of the 100 prizes offered for the occasion.

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