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purchasing power. Government to propose package of measures on Thursday purchasing power A project of around 25 billion euros aimed at cushioning the impact of inflation on households was announced for weeks but suspended ahead of legislative elections and reshuffles in what will be the “parliament”‘s first major test of the executive. 100 euros in food stamps and an extra 50 euros per child, 18 cents fuel discount and extended energy tariff shield, reassessment of pensions, social minimum and civil service pay, Macron bonuses, removal of TV licence fees, etc. : More than 25 billion euros have been spent since the end of 2021, especially to compensate for rising energy prices, and the government plans to act across the board. Specifically, two texts will be presented at the Council of Ministers on Thursday: a draft amendment to the 2022 budget to fund promised aid, and a purchasing power law that includes, inter alia, a reassessment of the 4% pension and Social minimums, which require text-only.

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assemblyIn addition to these measures, the purchasing power package will be the first real test of the government in parliament, where the president’s camp has only a majority of relatives, a day after the prime minister’s general policy speech.In particular the Finance Committee, which is now Eric CockrellDeputy La Francis insoumise. mayor of bruno The National Assembly Finance Committee will hear from Gabriel Attar.

Ecuador. Discussions will begin in Quito less than a week after the government signed an agreement with locals who oppose the high cost of living.

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