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Injured and in distress under the cliffs of Mattinatta, Italy, Piccolo is rescued and adopted by a young French girl who is on holiday in Puglia. A good story made with 30 million d’Amis.

He is my child, my joy every day ”. Quitterie has nothing but praise for the Australian Bull Cross Poodle Piccolo. These two lives have been forever linked since the incredible animal was rescued 4 years ago.

Today, thanks to his rescuers, Piccolo feels safe wherever he goes. /DR

“hairball” on the cliff

While on vacation in Puglia, Italy, Quatri and friends took a walk in a nature reserve near Matinata on the Adriatic coast.Then she heard distant noise » and see « fur ball » Below a cliff. ” He’s a troubled puppyshe told 30millionsdamis.fr. I can’t just leave it like this! »

Despite the danger of the place, the young woman decided to descend the steep rock to retrieve the fallen animal. ” It took me 40 minutes to arriveshe recalled. Luckily, an Italian couple passed by and lent me a bowl of water. Poor fellow, he was thirsty and stuffed with ticks and thorns.Then he collapsed “. Quitterie will join his car with the puppy wrapped in a towel. At the vet, two friends insist that the survivor be treated, and the practitioner falls in love at first sight. All that’s left is to put the animals in the shelter…

I made a decision that changed my life.

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“VSis the dog of fate”

“Ji cried for 4 daysremember that young woman. We asked the whole village and association to see if anyone could take care of him. Baptized Piccolo (“little” in Italian, editor’s note), a puppy adopted by Society volunteers; Quitterie and her friends must return to France.

my belly is knottedshe says. I thought it was the dog of fate.Three weeks later, I made the decision that changed my life “. Quitterie went back to see Piccolo and decided to adopt him. She went through all the necessary paperwork and tested the puppy and the result was ” bad “.

“For life! »

For months, she put her life on hold to treat him. ” When I confirmed he was better, it was a very powerful momentshe remembered. My obsession is telling myself that one day he will leave “.

Quitterie and Piccolo have formed an extremely close family since their Italian adventures. /DR

Today, Quitterie and Piccolo form a family through this adventure. The dog now lives in Paris: Every morning when I open the door, the sight of the piccolo rushing towards me makes me ecstaticQuettri laughed. When I read stories of abandonment, I tell myself people don’t realize what it’s like to own an animal. is full time. You have to educate it, possess it, pet it…a dog is a lifetime! »

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