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Covid: Omicron’s uncertainty hits the Welsh tourism industry

Riannon Wilkins
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1 day ago

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Welsh tourism industry worries about holiday lockdown

The changes in travel rules due to the Omicron variant have caused the Welsh tourism industry to worry that Christmas and New Year will be further restricted.

A senior official said that the uncertainty of Omicron means that people are worried that the holiday will be cancelled.

Some people say this has had a serious impact on the business, while others find that customers ask them for help.

Jim Jones of the North Wales Tourism Union said the idea of ​​a potential traffic jam caused anxiety.

He called for more clarity on the next steps of the Welsh government so that businesses know whether they can continue to operate during Christmas and New Year.

Jim Jones

Jim Jones of the North Wales Tourism Union says people in the area are anxious

“We know that there are many people who want to visit North Wales, especially Christmas and New Years,” Mr Jones said.

“Families also want to visit their families. We need to do this. We should keep our business open because they have put in a lot of effort, a lot of time, and a lot of money to prepare. For this season.”

The Welsh government stated that a better understanding of the Omicron variant will determine the next step.

He hopes to “notify people and the company of any future changes as soon as possible.”

Stewart Gay

Stuart Gay of City Travel says the Omicron variant means people are reluctant to travel abroad

Stuart Gay of City Travel said that business picked up in September, but the Omicron variant means that people are reluctant to travel abroad.

“In terms of overseas travel, everyone who travels this month is now transferring flights to next month or new year,” Cardiff Travel Agency said.

“No one really travels abroad anymore.

“If it is a month, it is a bump on the road, but if it lasts for a long time, it is quite difficult for the company.

“I hope this will be a bump on the road.”

Darren Irving

Darren Owen of Snowdonia Travel helps people with paperwork

Darren Owen of Snowdonia Travel said that this is an opportunity to help people with the paperwork for travel abroad.

“Each country has different health forms and different regulations, so we spend a lot of time filling out these forms for our customers,” said Mr. Owen, who lives in Colwyn Bay, Conway.

“So even those who are very Internet savvy and have booked online before, they are more worried. So they came, and we have done everything for them.”

But this is not just a holiday.

Dutch resident Nerys van der Zanden faces the second Christmas without a family in Wales.

Until last month, she thought she would come to the UK.

After 18 months of separation, the family reunited in the summer. But it is expensive.

Neris and his motherImage Source, Family portrait

Dutch resident Nerys van der Zanden (right) faces the second Christmas without a family

Ms. Van der Zanden said: “Me, my husband, my two children, and my mother and stepfather spent £1,000 on the Covid test.”

“You have to maintain a positive attitude, because eventually we will find a way to bypass the virus, but I think it causes a lot of anxiety, confusion, sadness and expense.

“I think many British citizens living abroad feel that we are a forgotten group because we only want to see our family.”

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