Omar Sánchez supported Anabel Pantoja in his last job

Anabel Pantoja placeholder image with Omar Sanchez They enjoyed the first few weeks of their marriage. In early October, after experiencing several inconveniences, one of which was the coronavirus pandemic, the couple said “Yes, I want it” in Graciosa. There is no lack of controversy, because a few days before the death of his grandmother Donna Anna.reason Chico rivera with Irene Rosales They decided not to participate in the celebration. After experiencing the recent crazy rhythm, Annabel has regained her professional commitment. This Saturday she traveled to Marbella-Malaga-for a Zumba class, where she became one of the great protagonists.

Anabel Pantoja in Marbella. /Gtres

Next to her, Omar Sanchez, He wants to support his wife in this new project.After getting the latest information, both were in the eyes of a hurricane. help meThe show revealed that the surf coach may have been unfair to Isabel Pantoja’s niece. However, the protagonists of this story prefer to trust each other and turn a deaf ear to any gossip.

Anabel Pantoja in a sporting event. /Gtres

In an event organized on October 30 this year, Anabel Pantoja issued a statement to the media in which she resolved the issue between her and the former player. survivor There is some kind of marital problem.Far from what Omar calls infidelity, his cousin Chico rivera He is convinced that he is at one of the best stages in his life.

Omar Sánchez has dinner with friends and Anabel Pantoja. /Instagram @anabelpantoja00

“I am very happy and very happy to be here. This is a sport I recommend to many people, especially to those who are struggling to disrupt the lives of others. Let them come here to try Zumba. Give all these people a kiss. “, he began to say sarcastically. He does not want to elaborate on the latest information that the format of his work has been exposed. “I don’t talk about these things,” he said bluntly.

The internet celebrity has made it clear that she is “very happy” and “happy”. “My friends and my husband are here. I am very happy to come to Malaga. I haven’t been here for a long time… I remember when I came to Fuengirola with my cousins ​​and my family…” , The TV collaborator recalled.

On the other hand, he sent a message to his cousin Kiko Rivera and has not spoken to him since the day of his wedding. Due to his music career, this Friday DJ won one of the Radiolé Awards. “Everything that happens to the person I love will make me very happy, really. For me, it is my honour for them to give him awards, of course, it is well-deserved,” Annabel Pantoya said.

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