Omar Montes strikes down criticism of his participation in the World Cup in Qatar


The Qatar World Cup It has been marked by controversy since its inception. There have been many artists who have spoken out against participating in this sporting event due to the moral and ethical values ​​that govern the country, but others have agreed to attend. This is the case, for example, of Morgan Freeman or Maluma, who a few days ago starred in a controversial interview by getting up in the middle of the conversation and leaving the journalist with the word in his mouth. Figures like Dua LipaRod Stewart or Jennifer Lopez have been against going to Qatar but, Omar Montes yes it will be there.

Omar Montes posing at a premiere in Madrid.

Much has been said in recent days about the cache that the singer was going to charge for being in the World Cup. A figure close to 250,000 euros that, however, sources close to the blessed bread They have denied without giving more details about it, until now.

Omar Montes/Gtres
Omar Montes during a photo session.

will be the November 30 at the FIFA Fan Festival when Omar Montes performs and the singer wanted to comment on the controversy that has arisen around his participation. He has done so in a statement to the EFE Agency, in which he has clarified the reasons why he has agreed to be in the World Cup: “to support the Spanish National Team”, said the singer. «The one who has called me has been the Royal Spanish Football Federation, not those of Qatar. If they called me, I wouldn’t go.”, said the one from Bread Bendito. “I know how bad things are with human rights. I would send them to hell. I am not a liar, I already say that they are bastards, “the singer has sentenced. Omar Montes has not said anything about how much he will charge for his performance in the soccer competition, but the figures that have been reported for other artists are very high.

Omar Montes/Gtres
Omar Montes posing in an act in Madrid.

Despite everything, the artist does not deny that he is excited to be in Qatar supporting the Spanish team: «With this trip I fulfill the dream of any neighborhood kid. The team called me to support my country and be with the footballers at the hotel.”, Omar Montes told EFE. The artist has also spoken about the controversy that has surrounded the singer Maluma after he got up in the middle of an interview. «I am not Maluma, but we cannot transfer to artists the problems that others have to fix, such as politicians, federations or brands. That I go or not go will not change anything »he stressed.

Will be the first time that Omar Montes act in a World Cup. After Spain’s impressive debut against Costa Rica this Wednesday afternoon, let’s hope that the National Team’s trajectory is upward and we see the national team near the final.


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