Olivia Newton-John: What is her net worth after death?

Olivia Newton-John dominated the silver screen, the Billboard charts, and has been involved in prominent humanitarian work throughout her career. The star worked tirelessly in Hollywood for many years, amassing a substantial net worth before her death in August 2022.

What is the Net Worth of Olivia Newton-John?

According to Celebrity Net Worththe estimated net worth left by Newton-John was $60 million.

Before filming together John Travolta in the 1978s fat, the songwriter quickly rose to fame in the music industry. Before Recording “Until you say you’ll be mine,“her first single for Decca Records, in 1966 she spent her early years playing in a band called soul four.

If not you, The Anglo-Australian actress’ debut studio album was released in 1971. The title track became popular not only in the UK, but also in Australia, the USA and Canada. With hits like “I sincerely love you”“Haven’t you ever been soft?” as well as “Please mister please,” followed by several successful albums.

Olivia Newton-John founded the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Foundation, an independent charity sponsoring global research into plant medicine for cancer.

This investment in new scientific research will inform patients and their caregivers of more benign cancer treatment options.

Olivia Newton-John fought breast cancer three times, each time surviving through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy for 28 years. But it was the combination of these standard therapies with herbal medicines that motivated her to found Olivia Newton-John Foundation which supports cutting edge cancer research.

Unfortunately she passed away August 8, 2022 due to complications of breast cancer.

Olivia Newton-John has died at the age of 73.AP


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