Olivia Newton-John sold most of her massive real estate portfolio when she found out she had stage four cancer.

Olivia Newton-John revealed that she had stage four breast cancer two years ago and made the decision to sell most of her huge portfolio in order to invest in her fund and improve her wellness center.

Olivia Newton-John loved to help

A source close to Olivia Newton-John told the New York Post that “Olivia loved helping people. She spent the last two decades of her life doing justice. can be beneficial.”

Olivia Newton-John had a horse ranch in California, where she spent her last days, but transferred all the property to her husband. John Easterling.

She was in a lot of pain

The source continued, “She was in a lot of pain, but she was a fighter. This place was her heaven on earth and it gave her many soothing moments in her final days.”

Olivia Newton-John was a cancer survivor, she fought cancer three times until eventually it came back when she first beat cancer she founded Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne.

Olivia Newton-John founded Gaia Retreat & Spa.

Then, in 2005, she also founded Gaia Retreat & Spa, an amazing retreat in Bunjalung country in Byron Bay, also in Australia.

After that, she created her own foundation named after her name.

Olivia Newton-John has died at the age of 73.AP

Last year, she spoke about the Forbes Foundation, she wrote and said, “The idea is to fund research into kinder ways to treat cancer, prevent cancer, and live well with cancer. So, all these things, I believe we will eventually see a world beyond where it is simply treated like any other disease that you can control and live well with, and of course, hopefully cure. that I can help others do it.”


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