Oliveras surprised in Behobia-San Sebastián


San Sebastián (EFE).- The athlete from Girona Nan Oliveras surprised this Sunday the middle-distance specialists in the Béhobie-San Sebastian and won the solo victory, close to the test record, while in the women’s category Cristina Silva had no rival and won with great authority.

Olivier surprised

The men’s race started with a steady pace and a group of about ten riders who accelerated to become the spearhead of this pedre, a group in which the favorite Jesús Olmos was already well established, very protected among the rest of his teammates.

Nan Oliveras crosses the finish line of the Behobia-San Sebastián. EFE/Juan Herrero

Olmos, second in last year’s edition and known as “Frutero Runner”, was the national champion of the 10 kilometers and now, in his transition to the marathon events, he defends himself wonderfully in this half -bottom of 20 kilometers although this Sunday it will not be he looked very comfortable.

Chakib Lachgar, another of the great contenders and champion of the event in 2019, also suffered a lot from the start to stay away at the start, but he managed to join the breakaways, five athletes, at the top of Gaitxurizketa . There, the alarms went off because the Moroccan is a specialist who must not be very close if the objective is to win a race.

Attack on Miracruz

Nan Oliveras was among those who felt uncomfortable with Lachgar’s presence and launched his attack to break up the race eight kilometers from the finish, taking fellow Catalan Artur Bussi with him.

Oliveras surprised in Behobia-San Sebastián
Some 30,000 athletes participated in the Behobia-San Sebastián. EFE/Juan Herrero

Both took a few meters from a group of four riders who were trying to catch up and led the final stretch of the event with everything in their favor to play for victory between them.

The last slope of the route was missing, a Miracruz stop which is usually decisive in establishing the definitive screen and which Bussy and Oliveras climbed alone until the last meters, in which the trialeta decided to do everything possible to drop Bussy and tackle the descent and the flat section before the finish line alone.

Oliveras surprised in Behobia-San Sebastián
Cristina Silva, winner of the 57th edition of Behobia-San Sebastián. EFE/Juan Herrero.

Nan Olvieras would fly alone to the final banner to take a deserved win over favorite Jesús Olmos who recovered on the home stretch and finished second.

great brand

The Catalan also achieved a good mark (1h01:20) which opens the door to the next editions of this massive popular race which brought together nearly 30,000 participants in all categories.

Oliveras surprised in Behobia-San Sebastián
An athlete, taken care of upon arrival at the Behobia-San Sebastián finish line. EFE/Juan Herrero

The women’s event was less competitive because Cristina Silva arrived at an exceptional moment that she proved almost from the start of the Behobia district of Irundara. He escaped alone and none of his rivals had a choice to discuss his victory.

Silva practically covered the 20 kilometers alone, without looking back and without referring to how his adversaries fared, the most important Mireia Wagner, who was never able to engage in a direct duel with that from Barcelona although she signed a great second place ahead of Elena Silvestre from Teruel, who would complete the podium.


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