Olga Moreno’s desperate demands on her recent environment


Magazine of the week Reading Throwing bombs: Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno They separated after being together for more than twenty years. However, no one has confirmed or denied the protagonist of the story that monopolized the headlines of different media.This saturday at Life, Terelu Campos knows more about this whole thing, because besides, the former National Guard may be unfaithful to the winner Survivor 2021According to my daughter Maria Theresa Campos The business woman fidgeted and asked her closest circle, hoping to compare all the information circulating about her marriage.

Olga Moreno in Malaga. / Gtres

«Olga is asking people who want her information Antonio David… he has asked his relatives to tell him the truth », Carmen Borrego’s sister told Emma García. Due to recent events, the Andalusian wants to know everything first-hand about her relationship with her former collaborator these days. help me And what they call infidelity.

In the same week, Antonio David Flores went to the police station with his lawyer, although it has not been out of scope yet. Soon after, he went to Málaga, where he was his usual residence, and shared with him. Olga Moreno Last few years.

Olga Moreno walks through Malaga.  / Gtres
Olga Moreno walks through Malaga. / Gtres

At the same time, Olga continued her daily housework and again showed her caution. Although she asked her about the latest developments related to her marriage, Moreno prefers to remain silent and stay behind the scenes. Secondly, DewIn this regard, he did not make any statement. However, two weeks ago, Rocío Flores received surprises from family and friends on her birthday.

Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno in the car.  /Gtres
Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno in the car. /Gtres

Through social networks, a series of videos and photos circulated, you can see Olga Moreno’s radiant face on Rocío Jurado’s granddaughter’s day. In addition, he shared a space with Antonio David Flores, because the father of the protagonist also attended the celebration of his daughter that day. Today my blonde is 25 years old, who would say…I usually don’t congratulate you publicly, but this time I like it…tell you that you have become a great woman and I am proud of your personality, You know how to be a person, your sweetness, your big heart, what do you have, how you take care of your family and friends, how you know all of us.Just tell you you are big but big
You always like OA »Olga wrote in the photo she appeared with Rocío Flores. In fact, on October 19, he posted another photo in which his daughter-the result of her marriage to Antonio David Flores-and Rocío Posing with David Flores. «Today my life is for them. My three treasures», he commented.

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