Olga Moreno confirms her relationship with Agustin Etienne: ‘It makes me happy’


For weeks, there have been rumors of a possible courtship between the two Olga Moreno and his representatives, Augustine EtienneThey haven’t stopped ringing. However, none of the protagonists of the story talk about it. On Wednesday, September 28, the winner of Survivor took a step forward and revealed how excited she is to find love again.

Olga Moreno, Rossio Flores and Agustin Etienne in Madrid

Instead of keeping her feelings in her heart, Olga gave her exclusive rights in which she showed how happy she was in this new phase of her life. “I found someone who makes me happy”, he revealed, always making it clear that the relationship started only recently, not months ago as people say. “Augustine has become a very important person in my life,” he revealed. I’ve known him for years and I have to say he’s only 10 years old. No one can speak ill of him because he is a professional on top of a pine tree. And, personally, I know him better because he has helped me through this phase of my life. He has been a fundamental person throughout this process of my life and has been my mainstay. I like the way he looks, I like the way he looks, I like the way he treats me‘, he admitted.

Olga Moreno in Malaga
Olga Moreno in Malaga

in the magazine Week Where Olga Moreno She has been completely open behind the scenes since announcing her split from her daughter’s father. In addition, he also stated that he maintains a good relationship with him. “We got along just fine, thank God we didn’t change anything,” he said, referring to his divorce.

Olga Moreno in file image
Olga Moreno in file image

Regarding her feelings, Olga said: “I’m much better. Even my own body looks better because I’ve gained a few kilos, which shows. Even people who see me on the street tell me, Another expression on my face!”, he said. Furthermore, he admitted that “everything will happen. Everything will come”. “Everything that happened is over, it stayed in the background and today I like what I have, I like the life I have now. I have to be happy. I realized that everything happened, everything came, and for a while I felt bad and couldn’t go on like this. I saw that I wasn’t out, I wasn’t enjoying anything, I thought of myself as a strong woman, and I said to myself: “Olga this is the end,” he added road.

Just a year after splitting with Antonio David Flores, Olga Moreno finds herself in a new relationship, while Rocio Carrasco’s ex-husband continues with journalist Marta Risco unfold his love story.


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